More than a half million legal matters. 1000 international law firms.
Greater than $1 billion in invoices. One management solution.

Matter Management and E-billing Software for the Financial Industry

When a multinational financial institution needed a powerful, sophisticated platform to process a huge volume of invoices from law firms all around the world, they partnered with us and chose CounselLink.

As financial institutions everywhere come under increased regulatory scrutiny, they need, now more than ever, to capture 100% of their matters and spend and do it in a way that is transparent, compliant, and efficient.

CounselLink is the streamlined, SaaS-based management system that gives financial institutions control and confidence in a changing world.

"Customer service is what makes a great company. The customer service I've received from LexisNexis has been terrific. This is the kind of dedicated personal service that encourages customer loyalty." Pearl Coleman, Sr. Legal Administrative Assistant, Bank of America

Real-time Matter Management, Integrated into Microsoft® Outlook®.

Share information with all relevant parties while managing documents and spend in real time. With our anytime training, the familiar layout of Outlook, and the overall intuitive nature of this platform, you can expect 100% adoption by your staff. Teams will also be able to collaborate more easily with faster, clearer, and more concise views of ongoing projects.

  • Stay informed of all aspects of every one of your matters
  • Assign matters and collaborate with outside counsel
  • Update data, contents, documents, status notes and templates

E-billing: A Faster, More Accurate Way to Review, Analyze and Approve Invoices.

Before LEDES even existed, LexisNexis had developed a process for turning paper invoices into electronic invoices. With the CounselLink electronic billing (e-billing) function, you have tighter control and can easily detect and flag billing rule violations, analyze costs, spot trends and identify areas of potential risk and savings.

  • Manage and control your legal expenses
  • Route invoices through the approval process
  • Evaluate system-reviewed invoices, comparing charges against your unique billing guidelines or rules
  • Support a variety of alternative fee arrangements

Spend More Time on Legal Work and Less Time on Paperwork.

Get accurate information on your matters, finances, law firms, and department activity with CounselLink. Compile detailed spend, case, division, staffing, risk, and outside counsel management reports faster and easier. CounselLink eliminates duplication and organizes all relevant information and documents inside one electronic case file.

With CounselLink Reporting and Metrics, you can produce accurate and timely reports. Use the information you have to elevate your department's value with insightful analyses, periodic reviews, and regular consultation from your dedicated LexisNexis® support team.

  • Make faster, more informed decisions
  • Anticipate regulatory shifts or even routine litigation
  • Get accurate information, at the right time, with a highly customizable dashboard

Legal Holds

You have a legal duty to issue written holds, track acknowledgements, and send periodic reminders to all relevant parties related to pending litigations. CounselLink gives you the ability to create standard hold templates and enables you to track e-mails and acknowledgements, providing an auditable trail of notifications and responsibilities.

  • Develop and automate an effective internal process for legal holds.
  • Create a culture of compliance among your staff and your outside counsel.
  • Demonstrate that appropriate steps were taken to avoid spoliation of evidence.

Collaboration with Outside Counsel

CounselLink helps you collaborate with outside counsel, assign multiple firms to a case, and track their efficiency over time. CounselLink also helps you evaluate new firms and track your specific cost-cutting and diversity initiatives.

Backed by the Experience of LexisNexis

We understand the demands of finance. LexisNexis has provided cutting-edge solutions and services for over 35 years. Today, LexisNexis provides solutions and services to some of the largest, most profitable financial institutions in the world.

Learn more about how LexisNexis and CounselLink can work for you.

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