Bring order and greater efficiency to government legal practice.

In-house Counsel Software for Government Agencies

As legal budgets tighten and all levels of government are expected to find efficiencies, thoughtful managers turn to the latest technology to help them do more with fewer resources.

City, state and federal government agencies have found an ally in CounselLink®, the e-billing and case management platform from industry leader, LexisNexis. CounselLink is a transparent management platform that helps you better allocate your current resources, identify places where you can save your constituents money, track diversity and manage your inside staff and outside counsel with unprecedented efficiency.

CounselLink has brought streamlined management to agencies engaged in civil and criminal cases, immigration law, contract, labor and employment law, and other areas.

E-billing: A Faster, More Accurate Way to Review, Analyze and Approve Invoices.

The CounselLink solution's electronic billing (e-billing) function allows for fast and accurate invoice review. You can easily detect and flag billing rule violations, analyze costs, spot trends and identify areas of potential risk and savings.

  • Manage and control your legal expenses
  • Route invoices through the approval process
  • Evaluate system-reviewed invoices, comparing charges against your unique billing guidelines or rules
  • Support a variety of alternative fee arrangements

Case Management Integrated into Microsoft® Outlook® Makes Management Easier.

CounselLink makes your department, from the beginning of a case to its conclusion, much more efficient, allowing attorneys to spend more time on legal work and less time on paperwork. In addition, the reports and analyses help you better align your agency and department's business.

Reporting and Analysis

Your constituents and regulatory agencies expect accurate information on your legal department activities, and with CounselLink your staff can compile detailed spend, case, division, staffing, risk, and outside counsel management reports faster and easier. CounselLink eliminates duplication and organizes all relevant information and documents inside one electronic case file.

  • Make faster, more informed decisions with insights that let you anticipate regulatory shifts or even routine litigation.
  • Get the right information at the right time, in the right way with a customizable dashboard view and minimal attorney effort.
  • Better collaborate internally and with your outside counsel.
  • Elevate the effectiveness of your law department with valuable analysis, periodic reviews, and health checks from your dedicated LexisNexis® support team.

Legal Holds

You have a legal duty to issue written holds, track acknowledgements, and send periodic reminders to all relevant parties related to pending litigations. CounselLink gives you the ability to create standard hold templates and enables you to track e-mails and acknowledgements, providing an auditable trail of notifications and responsibilities.

  • Develop and automate an effective internal process for legal holds.
  • Create a culture of compliance among your staff and your outside counsel.
  • Demonstrate that appropriate steps were taken to avoid spoliation of evidence.

Outside Counsel Management

CounselLink helps you collaborate with outside counsel, assign one or multiple firms to a case, and track their efficiency over time. CounselLink also helps you evaluate new firms and track your specific cost-cutting and diversity initiatives.

Backed by the Experience of LexisNexis

We understand the demands of government. LexisNexis has provided cutting-edge solutions and services for over 35 years and has built a client base worldwide. Today, LexisNexis provides solutions or services to virtually every government agency.

Our experience gives you a configurable, flexible and efficient solution that addresses real challenges in the real world of governance.

Learn more about how LexisNexis and CounselLink can work for you.

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