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As the leader of your legal department, you're not only protecting your company from risk, you are also managing every aspect of the legal budget and ensuring your activities are closely aligned to the business. In today's corporate environment, business leaders are looking to their general counsel for both legal and business expertise. General counsel must find ways to save money, increase efficiency and prove value - all while improving the bottom line.

To help meet your company's spend management initiatives, you require information at your fingertips. You need the ability to tie firm performance to cost, analyze historical trends by matter type and much more. With CounselLink, you're able to get customized big picture and detailed reporting, helping you make more informed business decisions.

Information may not seem relevant unless it's presented in a way that's relevant to you. With the CounselLink solution's dashboards, you'll have a custom and configurable view into your data—what you need, when you need it. This will help you determine what actions and resources are necessary to address potential risks and costs – resulting in better business outcomes.

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