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You're tasked with doing much more these days with even less resources. You need to negotiate more favorable rates and possibly alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) based on historical data. To address this challenge, you'll want advanced systems that can stretch your budget and reduce overall legal costs. With CounselLink, you'll have the tools to analyze your legal spend, support AFA requirements and negotiate rates - enabling you to run your legal department as efficiently as possible.

Your work with outside law firms represents a large portion of your overall budget. With our solution's extensive set of review tools, you'll have numerous ways to ensure your spending is optimally managed. You'll be able to consolidate payment cycles to reduce costs, review your invoices qualitatively to assess firm performance, analyze and approve invoices in a timely way, and reduce the time and resources associated with bill review. You can even manage thousands of invoices by automating their review and zeroing in on the exceptions. Through our advanced bill review capabilities, you can drive down costs and more fully budget your resources.

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