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CounselLink Software for Legal Administrators

As a legal administrator, you probably wear several hats to support your legal department. You may be responsible for managing large matter loads, reporting results and finding ways to reduce costs.

To perform effectively in your fast moving environment, you'll need capabilities that help you deliver the high performance your organization expects. With CounselLink, you'll be able get full visibility into your legal costs, matter status, and outside counsel performance, as well as the reporting and analysis you need to help senior management take faster action, make more informed decisions and maximize your cost savings.

Relying on CounselLink, you'll have a comprehensive matter management and e-billing solution that is easy to navigate and use. You'll have advanced matter management, Microsoft® Outlook® integration, and paper processing capabilities to ensure you have access to all the information you are seeking. Plus you'll have 24/7 customer support to ensure your team and your outside counsel get their questions answered at any time.

As a result, you'll perform more efficiently, deliver better results, and amplify your strategic value to the organization.

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