CounselLink Legal Spend Management

A Comprehensive e-Billing Solution That Makes Every Dollar Count.

CounselLink® Matter Management

Take control of your budget with a CounselLink Legal Spend Management solution. It enables you to implement a comprehensive e-billing capability to track, manage and understand every dollar of your legal spend so that you can drive better decisions.

Designed for law departments, the CounselLink offering has specific features to process legal invoices differently than standard corporate bills, and also gives you an auditable invoice review process that will stand up to external or internal compliance requirements. Those capabilities are just the start.

You'll discover even more savings, insights and hidden value with new ways to:

  • Automate and accelerate the handling and review of every invoice in any format.
  • Integrate with legacy financial applications, such as AP systems, to exchange data electronically.
  • Improve decision-making to minimize risk and align your efforts with business priorities.
  • Reduce costs with SmartReview® technology that examines line-item invoice charges and automatically applies billing guidelines to flag errors, inconsistencies and overcharges.
  • Capture 100% of your legal spend for insights that can enhance AFA approaches, guide outside counsel negotiations, minimize risks and improve outcomes.
  • Compile detailed reports to drive better business decisions.
  • Budget collaboratively and more effectively with outside counsel on future legal spend.
  • Manage legal spend activities from your Microsoft® Outlook® desktop.

There's a CounselLink Legal Spend Management offering that's right for your corporate legal department and its e-billing needs. The tiered offerings include:

CounselLink Tiers



Every CounselLink solution includes access to our industry-leading training, supportand professional services that allow you to take full advantage of product capabilities and explore alternatives that can improve legal department operations.

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