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Minimize Risk and Manage the Important Steps for Preserving Evidence.

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When legal holds are involved, you face a daunting list of critical and mandatory duties necessary to preserve evidence. The process is labor-intensive and time-consuming, but it can be easily managed with a CounselLink Legal Hold solution. With CounselLink, you gain an auditable way to notify "custodians" about litigation matters, and valuable tools to simplify the recurring communications involved in safeguarding evidence.

A CounselLink Legal Hold solution allows you to:

  • Create written hold notifications that reach the right parties inside and outside your company.
  • Track recipient acknowledgments for accuracy and compliance validation.
  • Automate follow-up communications and retention reminders on an ad hoc or scheduled basis.
  • Build customized legal hold surveys and reports.
  • Compile accurate custodian and contact manager lists by integrating with HR systems.
  • Avoid risks associated with non-compliance.

Given the serious implications of preserving evidence, the Legal Hold Essentials offering contains all the key features and capabilities corporate law departments require for managing the process.

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