CounselLink Matter Management

Get 100% Visibility over Your Corporate Legal Matters.

CounselLink® Matter Management

You gain a real advantage with 100% visibility over all your matters. More control … improved collaboration … and complete confidence that the mission-critical work of your corporate legal department is heading toward the best outcomes possible.

CounselLink Matter Management gives you a powerful vantage point to look at your most important activities. You can focus in to see all the data and details for a specific matter in one place – regardless of whether it's being handled internally or by one or more outside counsel. Or, you can broaden your perspective and look across all matters to better understand the relationships, trends and cost elements associated with your department's efforts.

The valuable tools and features in CounselLink Matter Management allow you to:

  • Create a central repository for all the important information about every matter.
  • Leverage all your resources by collaborating more effectively with corporate stakeholders and outside counsel.
  • Improve decision-making to minimize risk and align your efforts with business priorities.
  • Manage matters from within Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Stay on top of legal workflows and department results with dashboard displays and reports.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your corporate legal department, you'll find the right Matter Management offering among three CounselLink tiers available:

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Every CounselLink solution includes access to our industry-leading training, support and professional services that allow you to take full advantage of product capabilities and explore alternatives that can improve legal department results.

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