CounselLink Reporting and Metrics

Leverage Your Valuable Data.

All the legal invoices and paperwork you process – in hard copy and electronic form – contain valuable information. With a CounselLink solution, you'll find the right tools to capture the details and turn your data into actionable analytics.

The Reporting and Metrics features in CounselLink help you uncover a rich resource of knowledge and insight for your legal department, giving you the power to:

  • Analyze your legal spend by outside firm, matter type, billing arrangement or other parameters.
  • Uncover trends by comparing current metrics against historical data.
  • Identify potential problems tied to resource allocations and spending for individual matters.
  • Evaluate the productivity, efficiency and value contributions of outside counsel.
  • Assess department performance and keep management informed with dashboard displays and reports.
  • Anticipate the right course of action that aligns with business goals and make faster, more informed decisions with confidence.

To complement your own capabilities and take performance to the next level, LexisNexis also offers benchmarking assessments, strategic consulting services and additional services, such as periodic "health checks" to assess operational efficiency.

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