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Completing the Product Picture

Services are what transform a product – especially one as advanced and comprehensive as CounselLink – into a real solution designed to fit your every need.

There's a long list of offerings handled by the CounselLink Services team that can make a difference to your legal operations, most of which fit into three primary categories:

  • Onboarding Services – Get your new CounselLink solution up and running quickly by handling all the tasks for implementation and integration, conversions, quality assurance, acceptance testing and training. Essentially, it's everything required to ensure you're satisfied and successful with your Essentials, Advanced or Premier solution right from the start.
  • Strategic Consulting Services – Take your performance to the next level with the professional expertise of CounselLink consultants focused on strategic services that identify cost savings, optimize your department's performance, advance your legal operations and conduct a host of detailed data analysis initiatives
  • Additional Services – In between new installation activities and strategic initiatives delivering process improvements, there's a wide-open category of "other" services that corporate counsel value. Some are looking for customized feature and report development, or legacy data transfers and integrations. Others would like outreach and support efforts extended to their outside law firms. Our CounselLink Services team is ready to help.

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