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Corporate legal departments support companies of every size and classification; there is no one-size-fits-all answer that works equally well for everyone. Accordingly, our service portfolio parallels the flexibility found in the CounselLink solution. There are different kinds of offerings to match different needs that leverage the experience and subject matter expertise of the full CounselLink team … including those that address unique requirements with customized approaches.

  • Enterprise Legal Management System Optimization Tune-up: Examine your CounselLink use and offer recommendations based on legal industry trends and full solution capabilities.
  • Custom Training & Documentation: Develop full training and documentation programs to complement onboarding, support expansions, or address other unique requirements.
  • Custom Configuration Support: Handle modifications to the custom software configuration features, including advanced invoice workflow and review rule-sets. In some cases, the customizations are provided at no extra charge in building an optimal configuration setup.
  • Product Communications: Provide full feature documentation in advance of software releases to outline new features and how they will benefit your legal department.
  • Law Firm Support: Offer your outside service providers full access to Customer Support for telephone and email inquiries, help desk access, and invoice format testing to facilitate electronic billing. Law firm training, both online and via live sessions, is also available
  • Law Firm Outreach: Deliver ongoing "how to" information to your outside suppliers in support of your successful matter management and e-billing initiatives. Customer Support also handles onboarding requests for new firms as required.

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