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Your selection of a CounselLink offering starts a sequence of events designed to get your solution configured, deployed, integrated, tested and ready to deliver value as quickly as possible. To reach that goal, there's a portfolio of Onboarding Services, an experience base of best practices, and a team of project managers, consultants, engineers and trainers working on your behalf with their sights on a rapid turnaround.

The start-to-finish timeline for each project varies depending on the complexity of the solution, the degree of customization involved and your corporate environment.

A specific plan and schedule will clarify the details for your situation; however, most Onboarding projects share these common elements:

  • Pre-kickoff planning and preparations
  • Onsite requirements gathering
  • Configuration, integration and conversions
  • Quality assurance assessments
  • Testing and user training
  • Go-live

While all project phases and process steps are important for delivering results, some elements can be more time-consuming than expected. For example.

  • Integration work that involves linking into financial systems for accounts payable and claims.
  • Conversion activities that require data translation services to capture valuable historic records.
  • Training efforts – a core component of all Onboarding projects – that extend to users in multiple outside law firms in distant locations.

Regardless of the parameters for your specific Onboarding project, you can be confident that the final objective is always clear: create an effective business and technical solution to serve as a solid foundation for your legal department.

Learn more about Onboarding Services available with different tiers; and see the other offerings provided by our training, support and professional services teams.

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