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Need help developing vendor pricing guidelines? Looking for cost savings to meet senior management business goals? Trying to analyze data to discover what drives long lifecycles on specific matters? Your starting point to find the right answers and better outcomes is Strategic Consulting Services.

For these kinds of critical projects and scores of others, the CounselLink consulting team – led by analytical experts and legal industry veterans, Kris Satkunas and Dan Ruderman – brings a unique set of credentials to every customer engagement. Relying on their years of experience with corporate counsel scenarios, extensive work with law firm business models, and unmatched familiarity with CounselLink solutions, the group can create personalized action plans and recommendations that deliver results.

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Through careful analysis of your own matters and invoices, the group turns data into knowledge, and guides you to uncover trends, spot new opportunities or risks, understand "cause and effect" practices in your routines, and make better informed decisions. Optimize legal department operations through services such as:

  • Legal Department Optimization: Examines business processes and technology approaches to realign with strategic goals and deliver the best possible results.
  • KPIs, Executive Dashboards & Scorecards: Guides management in identifying metrics and creating customized tools for tracking department performance.
  • Achieving Cost Predictability: Develops guidelines and a process for law firms to submit budgets, forecasts and reports to establish better control over managing performance.
  • On-Call Analyst: Offers expert consulting advice on a monthly retainer basis for departments which lack the analytic resources, skills or time to address business issues.
  • Budget & Prior Year Variance Analysis: Pinpoints significant variance drivers – in matter volumes and durations, rates, vendor mix, and other variables – to help manage budgets.
  • Cost Savings Analysis: Explore cost-saving opportunities based on analytic modeling of expenses, hourly rates and alternative fee arrangements – all relative to industry best practices and external benchmarks.
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