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Frequently Asked Questions

Can profiles created with CourtLink Classic be used for combining Federal and state courts?

No. Profiles are for creating reusable combinations of jurisdictions and case types within one court system, such as Federal District or Bankruptcy or Washington State.

Is there a limit to the number of profiles I can create?

No. CourtLink Classic lets you create as many custom profiles as you want.

Is there a charge associated with creating or using a profile?

No. Profiles are simply a way to make searching more efficient. There is no additional charge for creating, printing or using additional profiles.

If I use a profile, does it always count as one transaction?

Not usually. If a CourtLink Classic profile is used for Federal District or Bankruptcy courts while searching the Federal Index, it is considered one single transaction (we make one connection to the court). If a profile is used for state courts or Federal courts while not using the Index, each jurisdiction will be counted as a transaction as usual.

Are there situations where I should not use a profile?

Yes. If you find yourself searching in a court that provides a statewide Index (i.e., WA District/Municipal non-civil cases; Oregon Circuit/District; New York Supreme), use the Index instead of creating a profile. The Index will be priced the same as a single basic search.

What courts are available in the batch program?

All of the state courts are available and are searched directly. Federal District and Bankruptcy courts are also available and are searched primarily through the Federal Index.

Can non-batch courts be searched in the same session as batch courts, or do I need to log off and log back on?

No need to log off. The courts are available during a session where the batch program is being used.

What is the cost per name searched?

This cost varies by jurisdiction.

Is there a choice about using the Federal Index or not?

No. All Federal and bankruptcy searches must be performed through the Federal Index if the court is available there. If a court is not available in the Index, the program will search that court directly.

Are profiles available to be used in the batch system?

No. Each search will be considered a separate transaction.

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