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Strategic Profiles for Insurance Professionals

Companies around the country are using CourtLink® Strategic Profiles to help improve profitability by preventing and detecting fraud. CourtLink helps organizations develop Strategic Profiles of individuals and companies to uncover potential motivations for fraud, as well as red flag high-risk relationships.

CourtLink searches the most in depth historical civil online database of court records covering 10-20 years of cases to pinpoint relevant information and to provide you a Strategic Profile with easy to read graphs, data charts and facts.

Improve profitability by preventing/detecting fraud.
CourtLink helps organizations improve profitability by preventing and detecting fraud. Use court records to gain new insight into litigation history to reveal motivations and tendencies involving a company or an individual that could impact your business’ profits.

  • Litigant Profile
    Uncover current and past litigation activity to reveal trends, motivations and tendencies involving an organization of interest...then red flag these high-risk relationships.
  • Nature of Suit Profile
    Identify opportunities and threats associated with litigation trends in your industry or geographic area.
    Financial Services Professionals—Identify risk & assess opportunity

Be first to know about case developments.
In addition to uncovering critical information from past and current litigation, CourtLink can alert you to developing case activities involving litigation of interest to you. Set up an Alert to be the first to know about newly filed cases involving a subject...usually before they know. Or monitor unfolding developments in an existing case with Track. You'll learn critical information before it could impact your profitability. 

To begin using CourtLink Strategic Profiles today Sign on to CourtLink then click on the new "Strategic Profiles" icon and begin your search.

Call 1-800-659-2071 or contact your LexisNexis® representative to arrange for a complimentary, customized consultation on using Strategic Profiles to improve profitability by preventing/detecting fraud—as well as red flag high-risk relationships.

Insurance – Strategic Profile Overview (PDF, 612K)

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