Concordance® Discovery Management Software

Cut document management costs and e-discovery review in half

Concordance is the trusted, first choice of more than 70,000 litigation professionals for vital litigation document management, case analysis and electronic discovery. It’s one of the most effective, cost-efficient ways for law firms, corporations and government agencies to manage the high volume of documents generated during litigation.

  • Organize and manage immense volumes of litigation data and OCR text
  • Import, search and organize e-mail and other e-discovery quickly and accurately
  • Quickly search all types of litigation documents with power and precision—even foreign language documents
  • Manage transcripts more effectively
  • Collaborate and share case analysis with your team
  • Produce perfectly formatted, customized reports for fact review and trial preparation
  • Access information from anywhere
  • Share data with other industry-leading applications
  • And much more

From start to finish, you can count on Concordance for fast, easy-to-use discovery tools that help to reduce the cost of litigation document management and e-discovery review by up to 50%.

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