Create a searchable database of electronic transcripts from case depositions, examinations and other proceedings with TextMap® transcript management software. The simplicity and intuitive design of TextMap makes it easy for litigators using electronic transcripts for the first time to be up and running within minutes.

TextMap users appreciate these benefits:

  • Ease of Use – Easily import electronic transcripts in many different formats and then search, summarize, annotate and attach notes
  • Affordability – Save money; TextMap costs only a quarter the price of other transcript summary tools
  • Valuable Reports – Produce a host of practical, polished reports based on your analysis.
  • Cross-Transcript Word Index – Bridge multiple transcripts with a single index

And with TextMap 5 releasing in March, you’ll gain easy, flexible ways to link transcripts from case depositions, examinations, and other proceedings, to case exhibits­even on the fly. Plus, TextMap 5 will also deliver the ability to synchronize and play deposition video, which many times can be more meaningful than the written testimony and is a powerful addition when preparing for settlement hearings, mediations and trial.

Download a free 30 day trial of TextMap