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Jurisdiction Practice Area Law Enforcement
  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. Arkansas
  5. California
  6. Colorado
  7. Connecticut
  8. Delaware
  9. District of Columbia
  10. Federal
  11. Florida
  12. Georgia
  13. Hawaii
  14. Idaho
  15. Indiana
  16. Illinois
  17. International
  18. Iowa
  19. Kansas
  20. Kentucky
  21. Louisiana
  22. Maine
  23. Maryland
  24. Massachusetts
  25. Michigan
  26. Minnesota
  27. Mississippi
  28. Missouri
  29. Montana
  30. National
  31. Nebraska
  32. Nevada
  33. New Hampshire
  34. New Jersey
  35. New Mexico
  36. New York
  37. North Carolina
  38. North Dakota
  39. Ohio
  40. Oklahoma
  41. Oregon
  42. Pennsylvania
  43. Rhode Island
  44. South Carolina
  45. South Dakota
  46. Tennessee
  47. Texas
  48. Utah
  49. Vermont
  50. Virginia
  51. Washington
  52. West Virginia
  53. Wisconsin
  54. Wyoming
  1. Antitrust Law
  2. Bankruptcy
  3. Business Law
  4. Commercial
  5. Corporate
  6. Criminal Law
  7. Education
  8. Elder Law
  9. Environment
  10. Estate Planning & Administration
  11. Family Law
  12. Health Care Law
  13. Immigration Law
  14. Insurance
  15. International Business
  16. Intellectual Property
  17. Labor and Employment
  18. Law Enforcement
  19. Litigation
  20. Personal Injury
  21. Real Estate
  22. Securities Law
  23. Statutory Law
  24. Tax
  25. Workers’ Compensation
  26. Other Practice Areas
  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. California
  4. Florida
  5. Hawaii
  6. Illinois
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Michigan
  9. Mississippi
  10. Missouri
  11. New Hampshire
  12. New Jersey
  13. New York
  14. North Carolina
  15. Ohio
  16. Rhode Island
  17. South Dakota
  18. Texas
  19. Washington
  20. Wyoming

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  1. 44th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
  2. A Guide to Toxic Torts
  3. A Guide to Troubled Commercial Real Estate Loans for Lenders and Borrowers
  4. A Practical Guide to Disputes Between Adjoining Landowners—Easements
  5. A Practical Guide to Winning Land Use Approvals and Permits
  6. A Student's Guide to Easements, Real Covenants and Equitable Servitudes
  7. A Student's Guide to Hearsay
  8. Accounting for Banks
  9. Accounting for Government Contracts—Cost Accounting Standards
  10. Accounting for Government Contracts—Federal Acquisition Regulation
  11. Accounting for Public Utilities
  12. Administration of Trusts in Florida
  13. Administrative Law
  14. Adoption, Paternity and Other Florida Family Practice
  15. Advanced Tort Law: A Problem Approach
  16. Agency, Partnership and the LLC: The Law of Unincorporated Business Enterprises, Cases, Materials, Problems
  17. AHLA Ambulatory Surgery Centers: Legal and Regulatory Issues
  18. AHLA Corporate Governance Implications of Nonprofit Executive Compensation
  19. AHLA Data Breach Notificaiton Laws: A Fifty State Survey
  20. AHLA Deciphering Codes: Fraud & Abuse for Coders and Coding Insight for Healthcare Lawyers
  21. AHLA False Claims Act & The Healthcare Industry: Counseling & Litigation
  22. AHLA Fundamentals of Health Law, 5th Edition
  23. AHLA Health Plans Contracting Handbook: A Guide for Payors and Providers
  24. AHLA Healthcare Capital Finance: In Good and Challenging Times
  25. AHLA Healthcare Compliance Legal Issues Manual, 3rd Edition
  26. AHLA Healthcare Entity Bylaws and Related Documents: Navigating the Medical Staff/Healthcare Entity Relationship, Third Edition
  27. AHLA Healthcare Finance: A Primer
  28. AHLA Healthcare Labor and Employment Practice Guide
  29. AHLA Institutional Review Boards: A Primer
  30. AHLA Legal Issues in Healthcare Fraud and Abuse
  31. AHLA Peer Review Guidebook
  32. AHLA Peer Review Hearing Guidebook
  33. AHLA Practical Guidance for Patient Safety Organization Implementation
  34. AHLA Stark Final Regulations: A Comprehensive Analysis of Key Issues and Practice Guide
  35. AHLA The ACO Handbook: A Guide to Accountable Care Organizations
  36. AHLA The Fundamentals of Life Sciences Law: Drugs, Devices and Biotech
  37. AHLA The Law of Health Information Technology
  38. AHLA The Medical & Healthcare Facility Lease: Legal and Business Handbook
  39. Alabama Evidence Courtroom Manual, 2011 Edition
  40. Alabama Rules Annotated
  41. Alabama Workers' Compensation Law and Handbook
  42. Alaska Oil and Gas Laws and Regulations Annotated
  43. Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws and Rules of North Carolina
  44. American Conflicts Law: Case and Materials
  45. American Law of Mining, Second Edition
  46. Americans with Disabilities Act: Employee Rights & Employer Obligations
  47. Anderson's Appellate Practice and Procedure in Ohio
  48. Anderson's Ohio Annotated Civil Laws and Rules Handbook
  49. Anderson's Ohio Civil Rules Practice with Forms
  50. Anderson's Ohio Consumer Law Manual
  51. Anderson's Ohio Creditor's Rights Manual
  52. Anderson's Ohio Criminal Law Handbook
  53. Anderson's Ohio Criminal & Traffic Field Guide 2011-1
  54. Anderson's Ohio Criminal Practice and Procedure
  55. Anderson's Ohio Domestic Relations Practice Manual
  56. Anderson's Ohio Elder Law Practice Manual
  57. Anderson's Ohio Environmental Law Practice Guide
  58. Anderson's Ohio EPA Laws and Regulations
  59. Anderson's Ohio Family Law Handbook, 2011 Edition
  60. Anderson's Ohio Liquor Laws and Rules Annotated
  61. Anderson's Ohio Manual of Criminal Complaints and Indictments
  62. Anderson's Ohio Personal Injury Litigation Manual
  63. Anderson's Ohio Pretrial Litigation Practice Manual
  64. Anderson's Ohio Probate Law Handbook
  65. Anderson's Ohio Probate Practice and Procedure
  66. Anderson's Ohio Residential Real Estate Manual
  67. Anderson's Ohio School Finance, A Practitioner's Guide, Fourth Edition
  68. Anderson's Ohio School Law Guide Edition
  69. Anderson's Ohio School Law Manual Edition
  70. Anderson's Ohio Securities Law and Practice, Third Edition
  71. Anderson's The Law of Professional Conduct in Ohio
  72. Anderson's The Simple Will in Ohio
  73. Anderson's Ohio Corporation Law Handbook
  74. Anderson's Ohio Criminal & Traffic Field Guide 2011-1 Edition
  75. Anderson's Ohio Environmental Law Practice Manual
  76. Anderson's Ohio Liquor Laws and Rules Annotated, 2011 Edition
  77. Anderson's Ohio School Law Guide
  78. Anderson's Ohio Securities Law and Practice, Third Edition
  79. Antieau on Local Government Law"
  80. Antitrust Laws and Trade Regulation"
  81. Antitrust Laws and Trade Regulation: Desk Edition"
  82. Antitrust Counseling and Litigation Techniques
  83. Appellate Advocacy: Principles and Practice"
  84. Applying GAAP and GAAS
  85. Applying Government Accounting Principles
  86. Apprehending and Prosecuting the Drunk Driver: A Manual for Police and Prosecution
  87. Arizona DUI: A Manual for Police, Lawyers and Judges"
  88. Arkansas 2011 Rules Edition--Volumes 1 and 2
  89. Art of Advocacy - Jury Selection
  90. Art of Advocacy - Preparation
  91. Art of Advocacy Series: Appeals
  92. Art of Advocacy Series: Cross Examination of Medical Experts
  93. Art of Advocacy Series: Cross Examination of Non-Medical Experts
  94. Art of Advocacy Series: Demonstrative Evidence
  95. Art of Advocacy Series: Direct Examination
  96. Art of Advocacy Series: Discovery
  97. Art of Advocacy Series: Documentary Evidence
  98. Art of Advocacy Series: Opening Statement
  99. Art of Advocacy Series: Settlement
  100. Art of Advocacy Series: Summation
  101. Asset Based Financing: A Transactional Guide
  102. Asset Protection in Florida"
  103. Attorney's Fees in Florida, Second Edition
  104. Attorneys' Textbook of Medicine: Manual of Traumatic Injuries"
  105. Attorney's Handbook of Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting
  106. Aviation Accident Law
  107. Ballantine & Sterling, California Corporation Laws
  108. Bank Holding Company Compliance Manual
  109. Banking Law Manual
  110. Banks and Thrifts: Government Enforcement and Receivership
  111. Basic Accounting Principles for Lawyers: With Present Value and Expected Value
  112. Basic Estate Planning in Florida
  113. Baxter, World Patent Law and Practice: Volumes 2, 2A and 2A Part 2
  114. Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Laws of Virginia Annotated, 2011 Edition
  115. Bender on Privacy and Data Protection
  116. Bender's Federal Practice Forms
  117. Bender's Forms of Discovery
  118. Bender's Forms of Pleading
  119. Bender's Immigration and Nationality Act Pamphlet
  120. Bender's New York Evidence: CPLR
  121. Bender's Immigration and Nationality Act Pamphlet
  122. Bender's State Taxation: Principles and Practice
  123. Bender's California Labor & Employment Bulletin (PDF)
  124. Bender's Immigration Bulletin (PDF)
  125. Bender's Labor and Employment Bulletin (PDF)
  126. Bergman on New York Mortgage Foreclosures
  127. Bloom on New York Wills Law
  128. Blue Sky Regulation
  129. Brandis and Broun on North Carolina Evidence, Seventh Edition
  130. Brownfields Law and Practice: The Cleanup and Redevelopment of Contaminated Land
  131. Bryson on Virginia Civil Procedure, Fourth Edition
  132. Business Insurance Law & Practice Guide
  133. Business Torts
  134. California Air Pollution Control Laws
  135. California Class Actions and Coordinated Proceedings
  136. California Civil Procedure Handbook: Rules, Selected Statutes and Cases, and Comparative Analyses
  137. California Community Property With Tax Analysis
  138. California Criminal Defense Practice
  139. California Criminal Defense Practice Reporter (PDF)
  140. California Criminal Discovery
  141. California Criminal Law: Cases and Problems
  142. California Damages: Law and Proof
  143. California Deposition and Discovery Practice
  144. California Employers' Guide to Employee Handbooks and Personnel Policy Manuals
  145. California Employment Law
  146. California Evidence Courtroom Manual
  147. California Environmental Law and Land Use Practice
  148. California Environmental Law Reporter (PDF)
  149. California Evidence Courtroom Manual
  150. California Evidentiary Foundations, Fourth Edition
  151. California Family Law Litigation Guide
  152. California Family Law Monthly (PDF)
  153. California Family Law Practice and Procedure, 2nd Ed.
  154. California Federal Civil Rules: With Local Practice Commentary
  155. California Fire Laws with Building Code
  156. California Forms of Jury Instruction
  157. California Guide to Tax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly
  158. California Insurance Law and Practice
  159. California Intellectual Property Laws, 2011 Edition
  160. California Juvenile Courts Practice and Procedure
  161. California Mechanic’ Lien Law and Construction Industry Practice
  162. California Paralegal’s Guide
  163. California Penal Code, 2011 Edition
  164. California Penal law Field Guide, 2011 Edition
  165. California Points and Authorities
  166. California Preliminary Examinations and 995 Benchbook: Statutes and Notes
  167. California Probate Practice
  168. California Probate Procedure, Sixth Edition
  169. California Product Liability Actions
  170. California Public Sector Employment Law
  171. California Public Sector Labor Relations
  172. California Real Estate Law and Practice
  173. California Real Estate Reporter (PDF)
  174. California Small Business Guide: Formation, Operation, and Taxation
  175. California Torts
  176. California Trial Handbook, Third Edition
  177. California Trust Practice
  178. California Uninsured Motorist Law, Sixth Edition
  179. California Vehicle Code Handbook
  180. California Water Law and Policy
  181. California WCAB Noteworthy Panel Decisions Reporter (PDF)
  182. California Wills & Trusts (treatise) and California Wills & Trusts Forms
  183. California Wills and Trusts: Forms
  184. California Wills and Trusts: Text
  185. Cap and Trade: Law and Economics
  186. Carbon Capture and Sequestration
  187. Cases and Materials on Civil Procedure, Sixth Edition
  188. Chapter 11 for Individual Debtors: A Collier Monograph
  189. Checks, Drafts and Notes
  190. Chicago Municipal Code Handbook
  191. Child Custody and Visitation Law and Practice
  192. Civil Process for Texas
  193. Civil RICO
  194. Civil Rights Actions
  195. Civil Tax Procedure
  196. Clark on Surveying and Boundaries, Seventh Edition
  197. Climate Change Impacts and the Endangered Species Act
  198. Código Civil de Puerto Rico
  199. Código de Seguros y su Reglamento
  200. Collier Bankruptcy Case Update (PDF)
  201. Collier Bankruptcy Exemption Guide
  202. Collier Bankruptcy Manual, 4th Edition
  203. Collier Compensation, Employment and Appointment of Trustees and Professionals in Cases
  204. Collier Business Workout Guide
  205. Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide
  206. Collier Family Law and the Bankruptcy Code
  207. Collier Forms Manual
  208. Collier Guide to Chapter 11 Practice
  209. Collier Handbook for Creditors' Committees
  210. Collier Handbook for Trustees and Debtors in Possession
  211. Collier International Business Insolvency Guide
  212. Collier Lending Institutions and the Bankruptcy Code
  213. Collier on Bankruptcy (Volumes 1 through 10)
  214. Collier on Bankruptcy Taxation
  215. Collier Pamphlet Edition
  216. Collier Portable Pamphlet
  217. Collier Real Estate Transactions and the Bankruptcy Code
  218. Collier Family Law and the Bankruptcy Code
  219. Colorado Criminal Laws and Rules Annotated
  220. Colorado Evidence Courtroom Manual
  221. Colorado Federal Court Rules
  222. Colorado State and Federal Court Rules
  223. Colorado State Court Rules
  224. Commercial Damages Reporter (PDF)
  225. Commercial Damages: A Guide to Remedies in Business Litigation
  226. Commercial Finance Guide
  227. Commercial Law and Practice Guide
  228. Commercial Transactions Under the Uniform Commercial Code and Other Laws
  229. Common Diagnostic Procedures: Orthopedics and Neurology
  230. Comparative Negligence
  231. Competition Law of the European Community
  232. Computer Contracts
  233. Computer Law
  234. Concise Introduction to Property Law
  235. Connecticut Criminal and Motor Vehicle Laws
  236. Connecticut Family Law Citations
  237. Connecticut Law Enforcement Handbook
  238. Connecticut Trial Evidence Notebook, Second Edition
  239. Constitutional Law of the European Union
  240. Constitutional Law of the European Union; Documentary
  241. Constitutional Law: Principles and Policy, Cases and Materials, Eighth Edition
  242. Copyright Law, Eighth Edition
  243. Computer Law
  244. Corbin on Contracts Desk Edition
  245. Corporate and Commercial Practice in the Delaware Court of Chancery
  246. Corporate Compliance Practice Guide: The Next Generation
  247. Corporate Counsel Solutions: Intellectual Property Management: Strategies & Tactics
  248. Corporate Governance: Law and Practice
  249. Corporate Taxation
  250. Cotchett, California Courtroom Evidence, 2011 Edition
  251. Court Awarded Attorney Fees
  252. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit: Practice and Procedure
  253. Court-Appointed Legal Representation of Children in Texas Family Law Cases
  254. Court-Martial Procedure, Third Edition
  255. Courtroom Medicine: Chest, Heart and Lungs
  256. Courtroom Medicine: Death
  257. Courtroom Medicine: Psychic Injuries
  258. Courtroom Medicine: The Knee and Its Related Structures
  259. Courtroom Medicine: The Low Back
  260. Coverage (Insurance Coverage Litigation) (PDF)
  261. CPLR Redbook
  262. Creditors' And Debtors' Practice in Florida
  263. Crimes Code of Pennsylvania
  264. Criminal Constitutional Law
  265. Criminal Defense Techniques
  266. Criminal Evidentiary Foundations
  267. Criminal Investigation Handbook Edition
  268. Criminal Jury Instructions for the District of Columbia
  269. Criminal Justice Code of New Jersey>
  270. Criminal Law and Procedure Handbook of Illinois>
  271. Criminal Law Deskbook
  272. Criminal Law Digest of Pennsylvania>
  273. Criminal Law Handbook of the State of New York>
  274. Criminal Procedure Law of the State of New York>
  275. Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Constraints Upon Investigation and Proof>
  276. CSC California Laws Governing Business Entities>
  277. CSC Illinois Laws Governing Business Entities>
  278. CSC Maryland Laws Governing Business Entities>
  279. CSC Massachusetts Laws Governing Business Entities>
  280. CSC New York Laws Governing Business Entities>
  281. CSC Pennsylvania Laws Governing Business Entities>
  282. CSC The 50-State Qualification Handbook>
  283. Customs Law Handbook
  284. Deering’s California Financial Code Annotated
  285. Deering’s California Corporations Code Annotated
  286. Deering’s California Desktop Code Series, Family Code
  287. Deering’s California Desktop Code Series, Probate Code
  288. Deering’s California Fish and Game Code Annotated
  289. Deering’s California Insurance Code
  290. Deering’s California Public Contract Code Annotated
  291. Deering’s California Resources Code Annotated
  292. Deering’s California Unemployment Insurance Code Annotated
  293. Defending DUIs In Washington, Third Edition
  294. Defense Law Journal
  295. Defense of Drunk Driving Cases: Criminal - Civil
  296. Defense of Narcotics Cases
  297. Defense of Speeding, Reckless Driving and Vehicular Homicide
  298. Delaware Corporation Law and Practice
  299. Delaware Court Rules Annotated
  300. Delaware Statutory Trusts Manual
  301. Delaware Uniform Commercial Code Annotated
  302. Depreciation Handbook
  303. Deskbook on the Management of Complex Civil Litigation
  304. Disability Law: Cases, Materials, Problems, Fifth Edition
  305. Discovery in Construction Litigation, Fourth Edition
  306. Disputed Paternity Proceedings
  307. Disputed Paternity Proceedings
  308. District of Columbia Criminal Law and Procedure
  309. Doing Business in France
  310. Doing Business in Ireland
  311. Domestic Relations Manual for the District of Columbia
  312. Dorsaneo's Texas Discovery
  313. Dorsaneo's Texas Pretrial Procedure
  314. Drafting New York Wills and Related Documents Fourth Edition
  315. Drafting the Union Contract: A Handbook for the Management Negotiator
  316. Drug Product Liability
  317. Drunk Driving and Related Vehicular Offenses
  318. Dubreuil's Florida Workers' Compensation Handbook
  319. Education Law
  320. Education Law: A Problem-Based Approach
  321. Effective Legal Negotiation and Settlement
  322. Elder Law in Maryland, Third Edition
  323. Elder Law Practice in Tennessee
  324. Eleventh Circuit Criminal Handbook
  325. Drafting the Union Contract: A Handbook for the Management Negotiator
  326. Drafting the Union Contract: A Handbook for the Management Negotiator
  327. Employee Benefits Guide
  328. Employee Benefits Law: Qualification and ERISA Requirements
  329. Employee Rights Litigation: Pleading and Practice
  330. Employment Discrimination Law: Cases and Materials
  331. Employment Discrimination Law: Selected Statutes and Regulations
  332. Employment in Florida: Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations and Practices
  333. Employment in Illinois: Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations and Practices
  334. Employment in Minnesota: Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations and Practices
  335. Employment in Ohio: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations, and Practices, Third Edition
  336. Employment in Texas: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations, and Practices, Fifth Edition
  337. Employment in Washington: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations and Practices
  338. Employment in Wisconsin: Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations and Practices
  339. Employment Law Deskbook
  340. Employment Law: Cases and Materials
  341. Employment Screening
  342. Energy Law and Transactions
  343. Enforcement of Judgments and Liens in Virginia, Second Edition
  344. Entertainment Industry Contracts
  345. Environmental Impact Review in New York
  346. Environmental Law in New York Newsletter (PDF)
  347. Environmental Law Practice Guide: State and Federal Law
  348. Equipment Leasing
  349. Estate Administration in Massachusetts: A Handbook with Forms, Second Edition
  350. Estate and Gift Taxation
  351. Estate Planning Forms and Clauses
  352. European Competition Laws: A Guide to the EC and Its Member States
  353. European Merger Control Law: A Guide to the Merger Regulation
  354. European Patent Law and Practice
  355. Evidence and the Advocate: A Contextual Approach to Learning Evidence
  356. Evidence in Florida
  357. Evidence Principles & Practices: 150 Things You Were Never Taught, Forgot, or Never Understood
  358. Evidence: The Objection Method
  359. Evidentiary Foundations
  360. Eyewitness Testimony: Civil and Criminal, Fourth Edition
  361. Family Law and Practice
  362. Family Law in Alabama: Practice and Procedure, Fourth Edition
  363. Family Law Litigation Guide with Forms: Discovery, Evidence, Trial Practice
  364. Farm Income Tax Manual
  365. FasTrain -- Florida Civil Trial Preparation, 5th Edition
  366. FasTrain –- Mortgage Foreclosure and Alternatives
  367. Federal Banking Laws
  368. Federal Constitutional Law: Federalism Limitations on State and Federal Power
  369. Federal Contract Management--A Manual for the Contract Professional
  370. Federal Courtroom Evidence, Fifth Edition
  371. Federal Criminal Laws and Rules: Volumes I & II
  372. Federal Criminal Practice: A Second Circuit Handbook
  373. Federal Criminal Practice: A Seventh Circuit Handbook
  374. Federal Criminal Trials
  375. Federal Election Laws and Regulations
  376. Federal Evidence Courtroom Manual
  377. Federal Evidence Practice Guide
  378. Federal Evidence Tactics
  379. Federal Habeas Corpus Practice and Procedure, Sixth Edition
  380. Federal Income Tax: Doctrine, Structure, and Policy: Text, Cases, Problems, Fourth Edition
  381. Federal Income Taxation of Inventories
  382. Federal Income Taxation of Insurance Companies
  383. Federal Litigation Guide
  384. Federal Litigation Guide: New York and Connecticut
  385. Federal Natural Resources Laws and Regulations
  386. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  387. Federal Rules of Court
  388. Federal Rules of Evidence Manual
  389. Federal Securities Exchange Act of 1934
  390. Federal Sentencing for Business Crimes (formerly Federal Sentencing Manual)
  391. Federal Standards of Review, Fourth Edition
  392. Federal Tax Practice and Procedure
  393. Federal Taxation of Oil and Gas Transactions
  394. Federal Taxes Affecting Real Estate
  395. Financial Management and Accounting for the Construction Industry
  396. Fifth Circuit Pattern Jury Instructions—Criminal
  397. Financial Management and Accounting for the Construction Industry
  398. First Amendment: Cases, Problems & Materials
  399. Florida Administrative Practice
  400. Florida Appellate Practice
  401. Florida Automobile Insurance Law
  402. Florida Civil Practice Before Trial
  403. Florida Civil Procedure, Third Edition
  404. Florida Civil Trial Practice
  405. Florida Civil, Judicial, Small Claims, and Appellate Rules with Florida Evidence Code, 2011 Edition
  406. Florida Commercial Landlord-Tenant Law
  407. Florida Construction Lien Manual
  408. Florida Corporate Practice
  409. Florida Commercial Creditors’ Rights Manual
  410. Florida Criminal, Traffic Court, and Appellate Rules of Procedure
  411. Florida Dissolution of Marriage, 10th Edition
  412. Florida Eminent Domain Practice and Procedure
  413. Florida Estates Practice Guide
  414. Florida Evidence Courtroom Manual
  415. Florida Evidence Manual, Second Edition
  416. Florida Family Law
  417. Florida Family Law Case Summaries
  418. Florida Family Law Set
  419. Florida Family Law Reporter (PDF)
  420. Florida Forms of Jury Instruction
  421. Florida Jury Verdict Reporter (PDF)
  422. Florida Juvenile Law and Practice
  423. Florida Law Enforcement Handbook and Traffic Laws Reference Guide
  424. Florida Medical Malpractice Handbook
  425. Florida Probate Code Manual
  426. Florida Proceedings After Dissolution of Marriage, 10th Edition
  427. Florida Real Property Sales Transactions
  428. Florida Real Property Title Examination and Insurance
  429. Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Manual
  430. Florida Rules of Court Annotated
  431. Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure
  432. Florida Small Business Practice
  433. Florida Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases
  434. Florida Torts
  435. Foreclosures in Florida
  436. Foreign Tax and Trade Briefs
  437. Foreign Tax and Trade Briefs – International Withholding Tax Treaty Guide
  438. Forms and Procedures Under the UCC
  439. Fourth Circuit Criminal Handbook
  440. Fourth Circuit Criminal Reporter (PDF)
  441. Fox & Fox: Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers
  442. Friend's Virginia Pleading and Practice
  443. Fundamentals of Trusts and Estates
  444. Georgia Civil Practice, Third Edition
  445. Georgia Corporate Forms
  446. Georgia Criminal Law Case Finder, 2010 Edition
  447. Georgia Domestic Relations Case Finder, Third Edition
  448. Georgia DUI Law, A Resource for Lawyers and Judges
  449. Georgia Estate Planning, Will Drafting and Estate Administration Forms
  450. Georgia Rules of Court Annotated, 2011 Edition
  451. Georgia Real Estate Forms
  452. Georgia Real Estate Licensing and Appraiser Laws and Regulations Annotated
  453. Georgia Rules of Court Annotated
  454. Gibson's Suits in Chancery
  455. Gilson on Trademarks (Volumes 1 through 5)
  456. Gitlin on Divorce: A Guide to Illinois Matrimonial Law
  457. Gitlin's Illinois Annotated Family Practice Desktop Code
  458. Global Business Immigration Practice Guide
  459. Goods in Transit
  460. Goolsby on Virginia Corporations, Fourth Edition
  461. Government Contracts: Law, Administration and Procedure
  462. Grad, Treatise on Environmental Law (Volumes 1 through 6)
  463. Greenhouse Gas Tort Litigation (LexisNexis Global Climate Change Special Pamphlet Series)
  464. Guide to Maryland Zoning Decisions, Fourth Edition
  465. Handbook for Internal Auditors
  466. Handling Federal Tort Claims: Administrative and Judicial Remedies
  467. Handling Federal Tort Claims: Administrative and Judicial Remedies
  468. Hanna, California Law of Employee Injuries and Workers' Compensation
  469. Hawaii Criminal and Traffic Law Manual
  470. Hawaii Rules of Evidence Manual
  471. Health Care Law Monthly (PDF)
  472. Health Care Law: A Practical Guide
  473. Herlick, California Workers' Compensation Handbook
  474. Hogan and Weber California Civil Discovery
  475. Home Owner Associations and Planned Unit Developments Law and Practice: Forms
  476. How to Save Time & Taxes Handling Estates
  477. How to Save Time and Taxes Preparing Fiduciary Income Tax Returns
  478. Idaho Court Rules
  479. How to Save Time and Taxes Preparing Fiduciary Income Tax Returns
  480. Idaho Education Laws and Rules
  481. Illinois Civil Procedure
  482. Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated Advance Legislative Service
  483. Illinois Court Rules Annotated
  484. Illinois Criminal and Motor Vehicle Law Field Guide
  485. Illinois Criminal Defense Motions
  486. Illinois Criminal Procedure, Fifth Edition
  487. Illinois Estate Planning, Will Drafting and Estate Administration Forms, with Practice Commentary, Third Edition
  488. Illinois Evidence Courtroom Manual
  489. Illinois Insurance Laws
  490. Illinois Forms of Jury Instruction
  491. Illinois Governmental Tort and Section 1983 Civil Rights Liability
  492. Illinois Sentencing and Disposition Guide
  493. Illinois Tort Law, Fourth Edition
  494. Illinois Wildlife & Natural Resources Laws Annotated
  495. Illinois Workers' Compensation Guidebook
  496. Illinois Workers' Compensation Laws Annotated
  497. Illinois Zoning, Eminent Domain and Land Use Manual
  498. Immigration Enforcement: I-9 Compliance Handbook
  499. Immigration Law and Procedure: Desk Edition
  500. Immigration Law Handbook
  501. Immigration Law Pocket Field Guide 2011 Edition
  502. Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Laws and Rules Annotate
  503. Indiana Evidence Courtroom Manual
  504. Indiana Pattern Jury Instructions - Criminal, Third Edition
  505. Indiana Trial Evidence Manual
  506. Indiana Worker's Compensation Laws and Rules Annotated
  507. Institute on Oil and Gas Law
  508. Insurance and Related Laws of Virginia, 2011 Edition
  509. Insurance Law for Climate Related Claims
  510. Insuring Real Property
  511. Intellectual Property Counseling and Litigation
  512. Intellectual Property Protection in Asia
  513. Intellectual Property Primary Law Sourcebook
  514. Intellectual Property Protection in Asia
  515. Interactive Citation Workbook for ALWD Citation Manual
  516. Interactive Citation Workbook for The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation
  517. International Agency and Distribution Agreements
  518. International Business and Economics: Documentary Supplement
  519. International Business Planning: Law and Taxation (US)
  520. International Copyright Law and Practice
  521. International Estate Planning
  522. International Exporting Agreements
  523. International Human Rights: Law, Policy, and Process
  524. International Pharmaceutical Law and Practice
  525. International Trade Law: Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice
  526. Introduction to Taxation
  527. Investment Advisers: Law & Compliance
  528. J Visa Guidebook
  529. Judicial Clerkships: Legal Methods in Motion
  530. Judicial Code Supplement: Title 28 and Related Statutes
  531. Judicial Conduct and Ethics
  532. Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI)
  533. Judicial Council of California Criminal Jury Instructions (CALCRIM)
  534. Judicial Council in Automobile Actions span>
  535. Jury Instructions in Commercial Litigation
  536. Jury Instructions in Real Estate Litigation
  537. Jury Instructions on Damages in Tort Actions
  538. Jury Instructions on Medical Issues
  539. Jury Instructions on Products Liability
  540. Kentucky Business Organizations Law and Rules Annotated, 2011-2012 Edition
  541. Kentucky Criminal Law, Second Edition
  542. Kentucky Evidence Courtroom Manual
  543. Kentucky Instructions to Juries (Civil), 5th Ed.
  544. Kentucky Instructions to Juries (Criminal), 5th Ed.
  545. Kentucky Instructions to Juries (Set), 5th Ed.
  546. Kissiah's Georgia Workers' Compensation Law
  547. Labor and Employment Arbitration, Second Edition
  548. Labor and Employment in California: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations, and Practices, Second Edition
  549. Labor and Employment in Connecticut: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations & Practices, Second Edition
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