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Applied Discovery Online Law Library
LexisNexis Applied Discovery provides the legal community with the most focused and up-to-date online source for information on electronic discovery.
The Law Library features White Papers, Court Rules, Case Summaries, Articles and Newsletters, bringing you the most current and comprehensive information about electronic discovery available in the industry.
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LexisNexis Applied Discovery(R)


Data Gathering

Data gathering may be as simple as offering guidance for internal IT resources, or as involved as providing on-site professional assistance to collect data from clients' computers, including network servers, desktop PCs, laptops, backup tapes, handheld devices, and any other storage medium. Applied Discovery’s representatives help clients determine cost-effective strategies for identifying, gathering, and preparing only necessary information for review.

Media Restoration

LexisNexis® Applied Discovery® helps clients retrieve information from backup tapes or legacy systems—from standard email and word processing programs to arcane systems and uncommon file types. With proven, cost-effective strategies, clients can significantly narrow the set of potentially responsive documents.

Data Processing

More than 200 electronic file types can be processed in industry-standard PDF format, with complete text and meta data preserved and indexed for search accuracy. LexisNexis Applied Discovery's industry-leading capacity of more than 5 million pages per day means documents will be available for review in days, not months.

Online Review

LexisNexis Applied Discovery’s easy-to-use Online Review application is loaded with litigation-specific capabilities including: annotations, redaction, customizable document folders, automated Bates numbering and document branding. Display of disparate file types in a uniform Adobe® PDF format means there is no need for multiple software packages to review different kinds of documents.

Sophisticated search functionality enables logical review of discovery documents. They can be reviewed within the context of an email conversation, and with email messages and attachments displayed in the "parent-child" context. In addition, documents can be sorted by meta data characteristics such as original author, address field (including to, from, cc and bcc), date created, or document custodian.

Document Production and Reporting

LexisNexis Applied Discovery enables clients to produce responsive documents according to specifications—in electronic or paper format, including:

  • PDF files copied to disk;
  • PDF files transmitted via an FTP site;
  • PDF files or TIFF images exported for use with desktop litigation support systems;
  • Printed copies of electronic documents.

We also offer a variety of standard and custom reports, including automated privilege log reports.

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