Prepare to Practice

Master the assignments you’ll encounter as a summer associate.

What You’ll Learn

Quickly Research Unfamiliar Topics

Law associates can spend up to eight hours researching each day, pitting them against areas of law they’re unfamiliar with. Give yourself an advantage by starting your research the same way attorneys do.

Find the Right Regulations

With Prepare to Practice you’ll learn to swiftly research regulations, their regulatory history and the administrative decisions that interpret them, getting your employer the information they need with precision and efficiency.

Draft Any Document Requested

Over half of all law associates don’t feel prepared for some legal drafting assignments. We’ll teach you how to write, prepare and find any legal document asked of you, even if you don’t know where to begin.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Law associates say their ability to solve and accomplish basic research and drafting tasks on their own sets them apart from their peers and helps them get the most out of their summer experience.

Get More Than Training

How Do I Get Started?

Attend an On-Campus Workshop

Go to one of our in-person workshops and find out what to do when a partner asks you to research an unfamiliar topic, research regulations and administrative decisions, or draft a complaint.

Watch Our Skills Video

As a follow-up to the Prepare to Practice workshop, learn how to find the right documents to complete any drafting assignment, including transactional and litigation drafting assignments.

Complete Your Certification

After you’ve completed the on-campus and video workshop, you’re eligible to take the exam and get your certification—it could be the difference between you and some other candidate.

Get More On-Demand Training

Watch high level presentations and demonstrations that will teach you how to find critical information on Lexis Advance, giving you more opportunities to learn key skills for a successful legal career.

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