Arrive Ready.

Develop skills to Think Like A Lawyer
and earn rewards.

Think Like A Lawyer

Legal employers are looking for practice-ready associates who can think like a lawyer on their first day. Hear new associates talk about the skills that helped them exceed expectations during their first employment experience.


Be Ready with Think Like A Lawyer Workshops

Dive in the deep end

Legal employers expect you to dive in “practice ready.” Get the practical research skills you need to impress your employer from the start with on-campus Think Like A Lawyer workshops.

Understand Costs

Everything has a cost when you’re working for a client: your time, a librarian’s assistance or research with Lexis Advance. Ensure you’re doing the most efficient job when you understand the costs.

Prove you can research

How will your employer know you can handle the work before you are hired? Show them by attending workshops on campus and earning Professional Research Certification.

Learn to Solve Problems

Associates who are several years into their careers say their ability to solve problems on their own set them apart from their peers.

You’ll get more than training

How do I get started?

Think Like A Lawyer Workshops

Sign up now for the workshops on your campus. You’ll learn to use secondary, statutory and regulatory sources like lawyers do, plus you’ll get cost-effective tips to improve your efficiency.


Certification Exam

Once you’ve completed the workshops, you’ll be eligible to take the exam to get certified – it could be the difference between you and some other job candidate.


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