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Beyond e-discovery: Strategize, organize, analyze, persuade and present.  As you organize and retrieve your case facts and documents, manage transcripts, generate reports and collaborate with other professionals, ensure your team has a centralized place to manage and share information. Beyond case organization and collaboration, manage and present evidence and other materials for use during depositions, hearings or trial—or even other presentations.

Centralize information and improve your work productCaseMap® case analysis software is used for effectively capturing, organizing and evaluating the relevant facts, players and issues in a case.  CaseMap gives you the ability to share case research and insight across offices, making for easier collaboration. Most important, it ties all of the facts, issues and evidence together to help you develop your case strategy and compiles this critical case knowledge into a polished PDF report.

Identify strengths and weaknesses in testimonyTextMap® transcript management software helps you manage depositions, locate key evidence quickly, identify strengths and weaknesses of testimony, and work with video transcripts and real-time feeds.

Generate polished timelines for presentationTimeMap® timeline graphing software quickly transforms litigation details into polished visual timelines to help your litigation team, witnesses, clients, the judge, jurors and other key players understand the sequence of events in a case. You can easily send those timelines directly to CaseMap software for reference or Sanction® litigation presentation software for hearings, trials or other presentations.

Create powerful presentations.  Sanction® litigation presentation software is a single resource to quickly assemble documents, exhibits, transcripts, visuals and video that will be used to present evidence throughout litigation; categorize them, and then create clear, polished and compelling presentation materials during hearings and at trial.


When used in combination with CaseMap®TextMap®, TimeMap® and NoteMap® software, Sanction® litigation presentation software helps you manage the vast quantities of electronic documents and other data required in litigation. Data flows between these litigation tools, eliminating time-consuming, manual steps and reducing risk of data loss. These and other advantages help you improve productivity, simplify your firm’s technical environment and gain quick access to information for better client service.

LexisNexis® offers comprehensive solutions that work together—and with other industry-leading tools—to help you control the volume of data, reduce litigation costs and maintain a seamless chain of custody throughout discovery.  Each of these solutions can be offered in a hosted environment, with flexible options and access to fully customizable support resources dedicated to your success.

LexisNexis® E-Discovery Solutions - download the literature, download the 2 page literature or watch the video and see for yourself how LexisNexis can help you gain greater control.

Find out how the LexisNexis® Litigation software products integrate - From data analysis, processing, document review, case preparation and analysis and presentation LexisNexis offers comprehensive solutions that work together.

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