CaseMap® case analysis software helps litigation teams bring together the relevant facts, documents, cast of characters and issues of each case—as well as legal and investigative research—into a centralized repository for improved case assessment.

CaseMap case analysis software took home top awards in the “2013 Best of the National Law Journal” reader survey! CaseMap won first place in both the “Case Management” and “Matter Management” categories. This is the third year in a row CaseMap has taken home an award for matter management, and the second year in a row it has won in the category of case management.

Simplify and streamline your litigation workflow
Now you can send Lexis Advance® research directly to CaseMap® software for analysis.

This seamless approach reduces steps to save time and help you stay focused on the facts and issues of each case. You can quickly store your research in a central case repository—alongside related facts and issues—and share it with your entire case team for analysis. In CaseMap 11, your case law will be searchable along with all the other key documents in your case.

Lexis Advance is the latest of more than 30 research, litigation and general office products with easy steps to send information to CaseMap.

CaseMap also integrates with a full suite of LexisNexis® Litigation Solutions—software designed to simplify case management and streamline your litigation workflow—from initial case intake through discovery, presentations, and settlement or trial.

CaseMap makes it easy to capture, organize and share critical case knowledge with:

  • Comprehensive case-wide searching, which can encompass your entire CaseMap file, as well as the attached documents
  • Bulk importing and optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Customized spreadsheets
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Microsoft® integration
  • Tools for real-time collaboration
  • SQL capabilities* enabling litigation teams to work on CaseMap files simultaneously and securely across your local area network

Plus, the CaseMap® DocManager feature provides a single interface for you to view, annotate, hit-highlight, Bates stamp, batch print, and batch convert files to PDF and TIFF.

*Requires Microsoft® SQL Server®, which may call for database administrative staffing.

CaseMap® 11 Brief Video
CaseMap 11 case analysis software makes it even easier to capture, organize and share critical case knowledge. See for yourself with our short video.

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CaseMap Suite Overview - the integrated CaseMap suite and Sanction litigation presentation software give you tools to help focus and streamline your workflow. The suite includes: CaseMap case analysis software, TextMap transcript management software, TimeMap timeline graphing software and Sanction litigation presentation software.

CaseMap 11 - Find out what's new in CaseMap 11.

LexisAdvance and CaseMap 11 ― send Lexis Advance research to CaseMap for analysis and take advantage of this convenient approach.

Send to CaseMap & Bulk Send to CaseMap Integration - More than 30 litigation support and electronic data discovery products now offer “Send to CaseMap” functionality and others will soon. The “Send to CaseMap” features in these products provide a common and simple way to get critical passages from source material and automatically create facts in CaseMap based on these passages.

Product Review

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Interested in finding out how others are using CaseMap? Visit the Resources Page, click Case Studies & White Papers and then click the Case Analysis & Presentation tab.

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