Concordance® Evolution

Concordance® Evolution, the next generation of the Concordance Suite, is an enterprise discovery management solution.  It can handle cases of any size, but is specifically designed for large-scale, complex litigation cases.

Concordance Evolution (installed or hosted) can handle e-discovery management for cases of any size, but is specifically designed for large-scale, complex litigation cases.

With the installable version of Concordance Evolution, review software and discovery data stay behind your firewall. You have full control of all administrative functions—for example, you can:

  • Lock down data internally to avoid production of privileged documents
  • Take action internally to import and export data quickly
  • Use a single installation to serve multiple users
  • Use your own resources to accommodate larger, more complex cases
  • Track chain-of-custody and create reports to meet your needs

Are you faced with a litigation case that involves multiple parties, numerous documents and vast amounts of data? With on-demand solutions from LexisNexis® Hosted Litigation, small and midsize law firms now have the option to perform document review without a costly investment in IT infrastructure, software, training and staff.

Concordance Evolution software and your case data can be hosted in a state-of-the art enterprise environment with Lexis® Managed Technology Solutions, providing you anywhere/anytime access to your e-discovery data and review tool.

  • Pay for only the storage you use.
  • Recoup your costs by charging back your client per matter.
  • Let us take care of your case data—expert project managers and technical support professionals can work with you throughout the life of the case and can help with emergencies 24/7.

Concordance Evolution new updates are based on customer input and experiences! Here are the latest enhancements (January 14, 2015):

Concordance Evolution 3.2 features include:

  • Reviewer activity reporting—Understand trends regarding number of documents tagged, viewed, edited, commented on, printed, emailed, downloaded, sent to CaseMap® software and redacted by user, time and tag name; know who is un-tagging, removing redactions, etc.
  • New! More operating system and browser options for review—Reviewer pages now support Microsoft® Windows® 8, Windows 8.1, Microsoft Internet Explorer® 10 and Internet Explorer 11.

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Concordance Evolution - now has integration with LAW PreDiscovery and LexisNexis Near Dupe!  Additional enhancements include updates to production capabilities, priority options for near-native imports and productions, recreating family groups during export and the ability to save public searches.Visit the Concordance Evolution website page for more details.

LexisNexis Near Dupe and LexisNexis Email Thread.  Learn more about near dupe and email thread, the technology behind it, and how these tools can help you gain greater efficiency when processing or review documents.

What's the difference between Concordance, Concordance FYI, Hosted FYI, Concordance Evolution and Hosted Concordance Evolution - every organization’s e-discovery needs are unique. That’s why LexisNexis created e-discovery management solutions to fulfill multiple requirements.

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