DepPrep® legal deposition preparation software is an electronic tutorial that makes it easy to groom witnesses for their depositions. From deponent demeanor to how to answer a question, all aspects of deposition preparation are covered.

  • Easy Navigation
    Move your witnesses and clients through the DepPrep informative slides with confidence. Enable them to easily review content with bookmarks that chart a logical progression through the material. Leverage a bullet-point presentation approach to make key information easy to grasp.
  • Flexible Distribution & Viewing Options
    Provide the tutorial on a CD, e-mail a download link or install on a laptop and have clients view it in your conference room. Focus on matter-related preparation once your clients understand the deposition process and have obtained general advice on answering questions from opposing counsel.
  • PC-Compatible
    Easily install the program on any computer that runs Microsoft® Windows®.

  • Maximize Your Time
    Ensure your client has a fundamental understanding of the deposition process and what to expect with a self-paced witness preparation tool. Free up your time to focus on client preparation and critical issues versus dealing with perfunctory points.
  • Drive More Favorable Outcomes
    Ensure witnesses are fully prepared for depositions so they make a good impression and positively impact your case. Target case-specific preparation so your clients represent themselves well under questioning—yielding more favorable answers and limiting the risk of careless testimony.

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