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LexisNexis® offers comprehensive, flexible, integrated discovery solutions that work together—and with other industry-leading tools—to help you control the volume of data, reduce litigation costs and maintain a seamless chain of custody throughout discovery.

Complete early data assessment prior to processingLexisNexis® Early Data Analyzer software analyzes and reduces data at its source location (networks, hard drives, external drives, CDs, DVDs and/or flash drives).  It helps identify the most relevant documents as early as possibly by providing insight into the size and scope of data, specifically responsive data before time-consuming processing.

Then use LAW PreDiscovery® software to process electronic and paper documents.  It works as a “processing engine” to bring in all of the potential evidentiary documents—paper and electronic—needed throughout the legal discovery process. This software further eliminates duplicate, irrelevant and non-responsive files—and then processes only the essential data prior to costly document review.

For document review use Concordance® to manage and review the high volume of documents.  It allows your team to search, review, produce and share litigation documents. 

The LexisNexis® Concordance® Suite offers electronic discovery and litigation document management for any case size:  Concordance software is designed for small to midsize litigation cases and Concordance® Evolution is an enterprise software solution that is designed for large-scale, complex cases.

Concordance software gives users two different options for viewing images or documents

  • Concordance® Image is a built-in tool that works with Concordance to provide comprehensive TIFF image management, editing and document production. 
  • Concordance® Native Viewer is an add-on tool that works with Concordance and is used for reviewing native documents and images associated with a Concordance database. 

Are multiple parties working on your case? Concordance® FYI™ is an extension of Concordance and Concordance Native Viewer and is for users who already have Concordance.  It’s designed to go beyond the desktop and onto the Web, giving you control and flexibility to grant access to a document reviewer, your client or an expert as needed.

Do you need data storage or litigation hosting options?  LexisNexis® Hosted FYI gives you on-demand, case-by-case offering from LexisNexis Hosted Litigation Solutions, making it possible to perform your document review without a costly investment in IT infrastructure, software, training and staff.

LexisNexis is now the exclusive provider of LexisNexis® Email Thread (formerly known as Polaris®ET) and LexisNexis® Near Dupe (formerly known as Polaris®ND).  These products can be purchased as standalone and are being integrated as features into LexisNexis® Early Data Analyzer, LAW PreDiscovery™ and Concordance® Evolution.  Integration enhancements will continue throughout 2014 and beyond!

LexisNexis® Email Thread identifies groups and provides a review order of emails and attachments—and their entire threads—helping you to review email threads without having to examine each email separately.

LexisNexis® Near Dupe filters out irrelevant documents from the e-discovery process by flagging documents that are nearly identical. It recognizes documents within an e-discovery collection that are similar—based on parameters you determine—by evaluating the actual content of the documents.

LexisNexis is now the exclusive provider of the LexisNexis® ALCoder®!

LexisNexis® ALCoder® is an automated coding application for litigation that is particularly useful for scanned documents. The US Dept. of Justice and SEC use this tool, which is one of the leading autocoding tools available today.

LexisNexis® offers comprehensive solutions that work together—and with other industry-leading tools—to help you control the volume of data, reduce litigation costs and maintain a seamless chain of custody throughout discovery.  Each of these solutions can be offered in a hosted environment, with flexible options and access to fully customizable support resources dedicated to your success. 

LexisNexis® E-Discovery Solutions - download the literature, download the 2 page literature or watch the video and see for yourself how LexisNexis can help you gain greater control.

Find out how the LexisNexis® Litigation software products integrate - From data analysis, processing, document review, case preparation and analysis and presentation LexisNexis offers comprehensive solutions that work together.

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