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LAW PreDiscovery® e-discovery imaging and electronic processing software offers litigation teams the power to filter and cull non-responsive e-discovery and scanned documents before review, eliminating unnecessary litigation costs and reducing time.

Crunch the numbers with the ROI Calculator and see for yourself how much you can save by bringing more e-discovery back in-house.

What’s New in the Latest Version of LAW PreDiscovery?
As we add features and enhancements to LAW PreDiscovery, we'll release updates through notification of an email or you can get the latest release in the upgrade section.

Here's a look at what's new in the latest release (November 19, 2013):

Early Data Analyzer v1.5’s major features include: extended forensic image file support of *.E01 and *.L01, search filter enhancements to include custodian, import sessions, tags, folder or file, export profiles that allow you to save settings, and Web tools for faster response times.

Major features in LAW PreDiscovery v6.5 include LexisNexis Email Thread integration with LAW PreDiscovery.  This allows you to identify email groups and sorts into groups and threads, recommended review order of emails, bibliographic information throughout threads.  Additional features include document processing/batch analysis process and improved text indexing performance.

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LAW PreDiscovery Webinar Center 
Want to know more about LAW PreDiscovery? Reserve your seat to learn the basics of LAW PreDiscovery and the “prediscovery” process. We’ll show you how simple it is to set up a new case, acquire electronic records, batch process, and how to export directly to Concordance for review. We’ll even delve into the deep, dark secrets you can unearth in a document’s metadata.

LAW PreDiscovery Overview
Playback the webinar and find out wha'ts new in LAW PreDiscovery 6.3.

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Moving to LAW PreDiscovery is as Easy as 1-2-3 - Find out how we can help you with moving to LAW PreDiscovery. From installation and data migration, onboarding and questions after installing or using.

LAW PreDiscovery or LAW PreDiscovery-an overview for users works as a “processing engine” to bring in all of the potential evidentiary documents—paper and electronic—needed throughout the legal discovery process.

LAW PreDiscovery supports hundreds of file types when importing or exporting.  Details are included in the LAW PreDiscovery Import and Export Formats literature.

LAW PreDiscovery is made up of different modules that are sold individually or by bundle.  If your workload increases or changes, you can add modules.  To determine the best fit, the LAW PreDiscovery License Glossary outlines the different modules and what is included in each bundle.

Early Data Analyzer + LAW PreDiscovery

Find out how Early Data Analyzer and LAW PreDiscovery work together, Early Data Analyzer, LAW PreDiscovery and Concordance work together.  And if you are a paralegal, legal administrator, attorney or I.T. find out how easy these products are to use.

What's the difference between Early Data Analyzer and LAW PreDiscovery? Find out the differences between the two products from data loading speed, to filtering, de-duplicating, filtering and searching.

What's new in Early Data Analyzer 1.5 and LAW PreDiscovery 6.5?  Find out the features and what they do in the literature sheet.

What's new in Early Data Analyzer 1.4 and LAW PreDiscovery 6.4?  Find out the features and what they do in the overview literature sheet or the in-depth literature sheet.

LexisNexis Near Dupe and LexisNexis Email Thread.  Learn more about near dupe and email thread, the technology behind it, and how these tools can help you gain greater efficiency when processing or review documents.


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