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At LexisNexis, we are committed to providing assistance every step of the way to help you maximize your return on investment.

Take advantage of our training and consulting resources. We offer convenient options for online and in-person product training as well as a comprehensive consulting program designed to assist you with deployment, adoption and technical integration.

Let us help your firm achieve the highest return on investment on your LexisNexis Litigation Solution products.

LexisNexis Litigation Solutions offers online resources through LexisNexis University to help get you up and running as fast as possible.  This is a convenient location to browse through training options and then register for your LexisNexis software product training. You will see a blended learning approach where you can take classes in a classroom, over the Web or at your desk.

LexisNexis University product specific training class:

The Litigation Technology Consulting Group provides a comprehensive program designed to assist you with deployment, adoption and technical integration. It offers specialized support for large and/or complex cases and can also serve as your virtual litigation support team.

The team of experts can help you with the following software:

  • LexisNexis® Early Data Analyzer―Gain key insight into the size and scope of datasets at the earliest possible point. Eliminate irrelevant, duplicate and non-responsive files at the source to save time and money.
  • LAW PreDiscovery® software―Manage the most daunting data collections—quickly and efficiently—to reduce documents to the most relevant 10 to 15%, helping you reduce initial processing costs.
  • Concordance® discovery management software―Benefit from a single, centralized location to store and manage all of the electronic information generated during a case. Organize, search, review, redact, produce and share information during the litigation process.
  • CaseMap® case analysis software―Gain more control over your case from beginning to end. Organize, search and share case information your way, and produce more polished work product.

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Before Installation
The consulting team will engage with you before installation of our e-discovery software. We will be able to assist in many areas to ensure your software will be usable immediately. We assist with database or load file conversions and/or other technical needs during installation, upgrades, and performance improvements. During this initial onboarding phase we will focus on:

  • Favorable software solution
  • Installation of software
  • Data conversion
  • Software setup
  • Product training

After Installation

  • How does the new software fits into my overall eDiscovery and litigation document review strategy?
  • After installation, our industry experienced consultants go beyond product and technical training and work hand in hand with your organization.  Through the process of implementation and training, our consultants will create and help implement workflows and best practices specific to the organization’s needs.

The benefits of consulting

  • Flexible and customizable
  • Present during implementation
  • Experienced support
  • Expert advise

Consulting service inquiries?  Please email and a Litigation Specialist will contact you.


The Litigation Technology Consulting Groupwill help you get the most from LexisNexis® Early Data Analyzer®, LAW PreDiscovery®, Concordance®, CaseMap®, TextMap® and Sanction® software.

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