Sanction® litigation presentation software provides litigators with a single resource to quickly assemble documents, exhibits, transcripts, questions, visuals and video that will be used to manage and present evidence throughout litigation, categorize them, and then create clear, polished and compelling presentation materials necessary for building a case. 

New PDF Support Enhancements
Sanction customers have long appreciated the ability to work with PDFs and many other file types on the fly. But recently, have you found yourself converting some PDFs to different versions for use with Sanction? Now you can say goodbye to those extra steps.

Newly enhanced Sanction litigation presentation software supports all versions of Adobe® Acrobat® and all PDFs through the latest version.

Gain convenience and flexibility

  • Load, organize and present all of your case information with ease
  • Incorporate all of your document evidence, including PDF files
  • Create media clips and edit video clips
  • Easily adjust and adapt displayed evidence
  • Bates number, exhibit stamp and manage evidence electronically

Improve productivity
You can improve productivity, simplify your firm's technical environment and gain quick access to information for better client service. Sanction software helps you manage the vast quantities of electronic documents and other date required in litigation.

Seamless software integration
Sanction already connects with CaseMap® and TimeMap® software.  When you use these litigation tools together, data flows between them, helping to eliminate time-consuming, manual steps and reduce risk of data loss.

Future development will more fully align functionality, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate information from the CaseMap suite within your litigation presentations.

Timothy McVeigh Trial Recreation Using Sanction

LexisNexis Sanction - A juror's mind can wander
Capture and keep a jury's attention with Sanction litigation presentation software. Fast, flexible and easy-to-use, Sanction lets you: Focus attention on a specific fact or piece of testimony. Change the styles of zooms and highlight key words for emphasis. Display multiple exhibits simultaneously.  Watch a 2-minute sanction demo!

Timothy McVeigh Trial Recreation Using Sanction
See closing arguments in the Oklahoma City bombing case--reconstructed using Sanction(R) litigation presentation software. Watch the video.

Take a Tour of LexisNexis Sanction
LexisNexis Sanction provides a single, simple-to-use tool to collect, manage and present critical information and evidence. Watch the 2 minute video.

Prepare to Impress with LexisNexis Sanction
This 30-minute webinar recording will walk you through how Sanction litigation presentation software can transform your trial presentations, and help you win more cases. You’ll also get a glimpse at the next enhancements coming to Sanction.  Watch the demo.

Triple your Impact in Litigation
Real-case example using Sanction®, TimeMap® and CaseMap® software.  Watch the demo.

Request a Demo of Sanction
Request a demo of Sanction with one of the trained specialists.

Sanction - A leading provider of innovative software this solution helps litigators in all sectors of the legal market create and confidently present compelling information and evidence throughout litigation.

Sanction for Government Agencies - Favored by the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities & Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice and U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s office, for its ease of use, Sanction is a leading provider helping users create and confidently present compelling information and evidence throughout investigations.

Sanction Trial Preparation Services - Our tech-savvy specialists can help busy litigation teams with a wide variety of organizational, strategic and technical presentation issues in preparation for trial.

The CaseMap Suite and Sanction Client FYI newsletter gives you access to product news and tips and tricks.  Read the newsletter.  


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Sanction Consulting–Services to help you succeed
With the aid of a skilled LexisNexis Sanction consultant, you can prepare for trial quickly and train effectively for future engagements. We’re committed to helping you be as autonomous as you would like to be.

Available services include:

  • Evidence management and presentation
  • Graphic development and presentation
  • Technology consulting
  • Courtroom consulting

This is just a small example of the ways our consulting services can help your team develop and present a more effective electronic presentation. To find out how we can help at your next trial, contact us at or call 866-316-8525.

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