TextMap® transcript management software helps you easily manage your transcripts in an electronic format. Each electronic transcript you import — case deposition, examination or other proceeding — to TextMap is created as a database so you can efficiently search, annotate, add notes, create summary reports or cull key transcript passages. And it’s all very intuitive so that no extensive training is needed.

NEW!  TextMap 7
Featuring full-text searching of annotations and exhibits, faster indexing and much more!

New, customer-requested features in TextMap 7 include:

Full-text searching of annotations and exhibits

  • Search annotation note text or by annotations linked to specific issues
  • Search exhibit content—OCR makes even scanned exhibits searchable

Improved indexing performance

  • Speed your work with almost instant indexing--even on the largest cases
  • 1,000 documents in under 10 minutes
  • Up to 6x faster than TextMap 6

Greater flexibility with transcript and exhibit management

  • Organize transcripts by group—experts, fact witnesses, etc.
  • Keep exhibit name across all transcripts―no need to have unique designation across all transcripts

See for yourself. Download a 30-day trial today or the product literature!

LexisNexis® TextMap® App for iPad®
A unique new TextMap app for iPad can help you manage transcripts from anywhere.  Watch the video.

Increase your efficiency and strengthen your case—from anywhere, anytime. The TextMap app for iPad gives you greater flexibility, including the ability to search and annotate any transcript in a case from anywhere. Plus, you can send your work product back to TextMap on your desktop via email and avoid rework. If you have the latest version of TextMap, you can download the app from the Apple App Store by searching on the word “TextMap.”  Read the press release.

What's New in TextMap 6
TextMap transcript management tool makes reviewing, annotating and reporting transcript summaries a breeze. TextMap 6 delivers enhanced features to give users greater power, flexibility and productivity.  Watch the demo.

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TextMap 7 - Find out what's new in TextMap 7!

TextMap App for iPad - Now your work product is as mobile as you are!

TextMap 6 with SQL - Find out what’s new in TextMap 6!

CaseMap Suite Overview - the integrated CaseMap suite and Sanction litigation presentation software gives you tools to help focus and streamline your workflow. The suite includes: CaseMap case analysis software, TextMap transcript management software, TimeMap timeline graphing software, NoteMap outlining software and Sanction litigation presentation software.

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The CaseMap Suite and Sanction Client FYI newsletter gives you access to product news and tips and tricks.  Read the newsletter.  


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