LexisNexis® Commercial Practice Center

LexisNexis® Commercial Practice Center

Tap into a unique, one-stop shop of content and tools designed specifically to help you with your transactional needs related to commercial law. Take advantage of an intuitive, task-based interface that guides you to the information you need–quickly and easily.

  • Meet your daily demands
  • Gain the latest intelligence
  • Streamline and accelerate research
  • Evaluate and minimize risk
  • Save time and money

  • Emerging Issues Analysis
    Read what known experts say about ongoing and emerging issues related to commercial law, such as the increasing use of secured lending, student loan guidelines, the subprime lending crisis, attempts to jump-start small business lending and more.
  • Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC)
    Find state-specific uniform commercial codes and compare treatment of topics for all 50 states–with a single click–using multi-jurisdictional surveys with analysis.
  • Authoritative Works
    Rely on guidance from authoritative works, including Corbin on Contracts–the preeminent treatise on contract law cited by federal and state courts for more than 50 years. Find UCC articles on topics such as secured transactions, sales and bulk transfers and negotiable instruments.
  • Risk Evaluation & Due Diligence Tools
    Get information on more than 43 million public/private companies with LexisNexis® Dossier. Locate a person, business or property using LexisNexis® Comprehensive Person and Business Reports. Access fraud information for all 50 states and jury verdicts/settlements to understand potential costs.
  • Comprehensive Library of Forms
    Access thousands of commercial transactional forms–organized by deal type and practice area–including consumer protection and consumer credit materials. Draw on exclusive content such as Forms & Procedures Under the UCC, Warren’s Forms of Agreements® and current legal forms.
  • Meet Your Daily Demands
    Discover content and tools designed specifically for the way you work–so you can meet your daily demands and accomplish more for your organization.
  • Gain the Latest Intelligence
    Stay on top of the latest commercial law developments–with expert analysis and commentaries on recent cases of notes, legislation and issues–to anticipate their impact and be prepared with plans that best position your organization for success.
  • Streamline & Accelerate Research
    Retrieve federal/state cases in one simple search. Easily learn the latest on evolving Uniform Commercial Code as each article is provided in a separate, searchable database and mapped to related content such as treatises, cases and annotations–simplifying your research.
  • Evaluate & Minimize Risk
    Conduct due diligence and view negative information on a person or business. Find cases, codes and analysis by UCC issue to understand the downside risks of damages.
  • Save Time & Money
    Access multi-jurisdictional surveys with expert analysis and save the time and money that would have been spent searching through codes, regulations and cases. Find forms organized by deal type and practice so you can focus on those applicable to the transactional deal at hand.

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