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Lexis Document Profiling is a combination of powerful tools and professional services that helps law firms ensure that all documents, including those previously misclassified or lacking profile information, are categorize in a consistent and logical fashion.

This offering makes a firm’s internal work product significantly more searchable and thus more valuable. Lexis Document Profiling capabilities include:

  • Categorizing documents retrospectively and prospectively and adapting classifications to firm-specific criteria
  • Enforcing a law firm’s established ethical walls and managing risk to prevent inadvertent conflicts of interest
  • Migrating documents from one DMS, or file share, to another DMS
  • Merging two document management installations

Records Management and Retention

Many RM strategies rely on accurate profiles to help power the rules for Records Management, e.g. Estate Planning versus Correspondence. Docs can accidentally get lost or purged from the system if Doc Type and Matter are inaccurate.

Risk Management

Firms that move to Enterprise Search products often expose improperly secured documents normally buried but still sensitive. Ethical walls are audited with DP and security is modified to eliminate that risk.

Client Service

Fewer calls to IT looking for lost documents. Easier retrieval of work product in the DM for faster client service.


Speed time to productivity in mergers. Combine and integrate documents and security from disparate systems to achieve normalized DMS collections.


Lexis Document Profiling works seamlessly with a variety of document management systems, as well as Lexis® Search Advantage. Improve the accessibility of your firm’s internal document collections in a way never before possible and shave months off your firm’s IT project timelines by enhancing the categorization, consistency, and accuracy of document profiles.

Components of Lexis Document Profiling enable you to categorize for specific circumstances and requirements.

Categorize documents retrospectively and prospectively, and create firm-specific classifications—for example, document type, practice group, jurisdiction and area of law. Automation rules are customized for your firm to make profile creation faster and more consistent.

Enforce your established ethical walls and manage risk with customized security that prevents inadvertent access to documents that might pose a conflict of interest.

  • Perform an initial audit of your firm’s ethical walls.
  • Monitor and enforce your document management security compliance.
  • Discover and lock down unsecured documents.

Migrate documents from one Document Management System (DMS) to another as firm needs change.

  • Extract information from one DMS, format it and migrate it to another.
  • Perform mappings and data conversions, as appropriate.
  • Resolve or manage discrepancies between different document management systems.

Merge two document management installations to complete a firm merger.

  • Extract information from one DMS, format it and migrate it to another when two firms are merging. Merge and simplify categories between two firms.

Customer Support

The LexisNexis Customer Support team includes attorneys, computer engineers, and information professionals who are all available 24/7 to answer your questions about LexisNexis® Document Profiling.

Customer Support Contact Information:

  • Telephonic Customer Support: 800-543-6862
  • View our International Customer Support Numbers
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