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Intellectual Property

Global IP Law Service helps you get the broader legal perspective you need by providing comprehensive coverage of international, regional, and domestic laws related to patents, trademarks, utility models, and industrial designs. It features information covering IP practice and proceedings, legislation and regulations, from over 230 countries, all in English.

  • Increase your efficiency by using navigable topical hierarchies to browse and search IP legal doctrine from across the world easily and efficiently.
  • Gain knowledge from IP practitioners from around the world, by tapping into our network of experts on IP practice and proceedings guidance.
  • Save time and effort by searching multiple jurisdictions at once for similar legal doctrine and then printing out a complete report of the various laws retrieved
  • Leverage the power of the® search engine, including advanced Boolean and Natural Language searching, intuitive Alerts, and a variety of download options
  • Global IP law information covering international, regional and domestic law related to patents, trademarks, domain names and other IP areas, as well as IP legislation and regulations from more than 230 countries!
  • IP practice and proceedings guidance from a network of more than 95 international IP law firms.
  • Fully searchable and navigable topical hierarchies for all 230+ Global IP Law Service countries.
  • The world’s most extensive library of national IP laws and international agreements (more than 1,800 available) - all  translated into English.
  • Organized on an intuitive country-by-country basis
  • Easily navigated via a topical hierarchy or segment searching.
  • Updated once a week
  • Includes extensive Domain Name information.
How do I contact Customer Support?
The LexisNexis Customer Support team includes attorneys, computer engineers, and information professionals who are all available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get the most out of the Global IP Law Service.

Customer support contact options:

What technical requirements do I need to use Global IP Law Service?
To use Global IP Law Service, you need to have a computer with internet access, Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 5.5 or newer versions. You need Macromedia® Flash® Player 7 to see the demo tour correctly.

What’s different about GIPLS being on
Not only do you have access to all the content previously found on, the Global IP Law Service on also provides global domain name practice and proceedings and legislation.

How do I select GIPLS in my search?
The GIPLS source files are located across in a variety of libraries, including all of the Intellectual Property libraries.  To locate the GIPLS source files on, click the Find a Source tab located in the Look for a Source dialog, then type “Global IP Law” and click the Find button.  All of the various GIPLS files and locations will be displayed.  Select the file you’d like to search by clicking on its link. 

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