LexisNexis® for Development Professionals

This Web-based research tool for finding prospective donors gives you access to comprehensive information sources that help you target and evaluate high-value donor prospects and maximize fundraising efforts.

  • Identify and locate high-value prospective donors
  • Develop, maintain and validate your prospect databases more effectively
  • Compile and narrow your pool of potential donors
  • Stay updated on your current donors' activities
  • Find philanthropically oriented companies 

Start seeing a better a return on your fundraising efforts!

LexisNexis for Development Professionals brings together information from a variety of sources to give you the most comprehensive picture of prospective academic and non-profit donors –critical to helping you improve fundraising efforts. This fundraising research tool can help increase alumni donations, and help you target major philanthropic donors.

Here’s some of the information available through LexisNexis for Development Professionals that can help you find high-value prospective donors in the academic and non-profit sectors:

Individual Information
When researching potential academic and non-profit donors, it’s critical to find contact information, discover a spouse’s name, uncover assets, and more. For information such as this, users can access the Public Records tab and generate comprehensive, wealth-revealing  reports on individuals.  Public records information can also help you make connections between people and businesses with business, asset and property details, as well as licenses and court filings.

  • Corporate Connections and Political/Charitable Giving
  • Personal Background/News
  • Wealth Indicators

Company Information
When investigating companies, it’s important to learn about their history, top executives, financial status, and giving history. Search the profiles of over 80 million public, private and international companies, over 63 million executives, and over 1,000 industries.

  • Background & History
  • Parent/Subsidiary List
  • Financial Status Organization
  • News/Political Contributions

Trusted Content for Superior Prospect Intelligence
In addition to a deep collection of public records, LexisNexis for Development Professionals offers academic and non-profit institutions a unique collection of news and business content, including:

  • WealthEngine Wealth Scores
  • Larkspur’s Prospect of Wealth
  • Charitable Giving
  • Guidestar
  • LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations
  • Dun & Bradstreet

Additional Features for Finding Major Donors 

  • The Advanced Search form helps you perform either a Boolean or Natural Language search and add segment restrictions.
  • Alert capability lets you save searches to run automatically on a schedule you choose.
  • Flexible display and output options let you tailor your search results to your needs and preferences, saving or emailing in any of four formats.

Add even more value with LexisNexis Batch Services
Maintain a strong, growing contact database and optimize your academic and non-profit development programs for finding high-value donors. Locate best address, phone number and email address for any of your hard-to-find alumni, donors and donor prospects.

  • Build and maintain detailed donor prospect reports that include financial stability and reachability indicators to help you segment your database.
  • Tailor your batch runs to identify specific factors such as marital status, bankruptcies, liens, defaults and criminal activity.
  • Optimize your development programs to ensure accurate targeting.
  • Manage expenses associated with data maintenance.

Research Potential Donors
Discover spouse’s name, uncover assets, check stock ownership and campaign contributions by searching from six categories: Personal Background, Corporate Connections, Wealth Indicators, News, Political Contributions, and Court & Criminal Proceedings.

Research Potential Company Donors
Learn about a company’s history, top executives, financial status and contribution history, by searching from seven criteria: Background & History, Parent/Subsidiary List, Merger Activity, Financial Status, News, U.S. Public Records, and Political Contributions.

Advanced Search Forms and Automatic Saving
Dig deeper into the backgrounds of major donors with comprehensive, easy-to-use forms. Save searches and documents automatically for easy retrieval.

Delivery Options
Deliver potential donor information any way you want it: print, e-mail, or download to a file.

Result Groups
Group your results by your choice of company, industry, subject, geography, or language.

Automatic Highlighting
See your search “hits” when browsing a document; your search terms are highlighted as links within the text, so you can jump from search term to search term using “hit-to-hit” navigation.

Result Groups
Group your results by your choice of company, industry, subject, geography, or language.

LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™
Refine your searches by clicking on indexed terms that are highlighted in full-text documents.

Source Selection
Browse the list of sources that you subscribe to, quickly and easily.

Identify and locate key donor prospects
Determine if prospects are viable candidates on which to focus your fundraising efforts.

Develop, maintain and validate your prospect databases more effectively
Save searches automatically for a week for easy retrieval. Stay informed with alerts that update on a schedule you choose.

Compile and narrow a pool of potential donors
Use wealth indicators as qualifying criteria to locate high-value prospective donors. Refine your search using LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™ terms in all news and company documents.

Stay updated on your current donors’ activities
Search more relevant sources to find up-to-date information on alumni or possible major donors. Access detailed biographical profiles.

Find philanthropically oriented companies
Use news and financial reports to compile and analyze information on companies which provide major philanthropic donations quickly and easily.

Customer Service/Technical/Research Assistance

  • General: Call 800.897.3419—available 24/7/365.
  • Academic: Call 800.227.9597, ext. 12554846 or email

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