LexisNexis® for Development Professionals

This unparalleled, targeted, Web-based solution for prospect researchers provides a comprehensive and relevant set of sources for the key information you need to find high-value prospects and maximize fundraising initiatives.

  • Identify and locate key donor prospects
  • Develop, maintain and validate your prospect databases more effectively
  • Compile and narrow a pool of potential donors
  • Stay updated on your current donors' activities
  • Find philanthropically oriented companies

LexisNexis for Development Professionals brings together information from a variety of sources to give you the most complete picture of donor potential critical to helping you increase alumni contributions.

Individual Information

  • Corporate Connections and Political/Charitable Giving
  • Personal Background/News
  • Wealth Indicators

Company Information

  • Background & History
  • Parent/Subsidiary List
  • Financial Status
  • Organization
  • News/Political Contributions

Public Records Information

  • People
  • Businesses
  • Assets
  • Real Property
  • Directories
  • Licenses
  • Courts & Filings
  • Prospects of Wealth® database helps locate high net-worth individuals located throughout the United States.
  • The Advanced Search form helps you perform either a Boolean or Natural Language search and add segment restrictions.
  • LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™, which applies controlled vocabulary terms to all LexisNexis® news and business content, helps guide your searches to ensure more relevant results.
  • Live-link search terms mean that you can jump from search term to search term within your results.
  • Results clustering provides an instant, multi-faceted analysis of the distribution of the documents in your results set and lets you filter your results.
  • Alert capability lets you save searches to run automatically on a schedule you choose.
  • Flexible display and output options let you tailor your search results to your needs and preferences, saving or emailing in any of four formats.
  • Options based to fit your research needs and budget:
    • Individual, Company, SmartLinx, Dossier Suite and Advanced Search
LexisNexis® for Development Professionals is designed to help you improve your productivity, increase your efficiency and boost the results you get from your fundraising efforts.

  • Quickly and easily identify and locate key donor prospects, develop and maintain your prospect databases, keep up-to-date with activities of influential individuals, and much more.
  • Combine LexisNexis® for Development Professionals with Dossier Suite ® or Executive Dossier® to uncover valuable information on more than 80 million private and public companies, 80 million executives and create executive lists.
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  • Research Potential Individual Donors
    Discover spouse’s name, uncover assets, check stock ownership and campaign contributions by searching from six categories: Personal Background, Corporate Connections, Wealth Indicators, News, Political Contributions, and Court & Criminal Proceedings.
  • Research Potential Company Donors
    Learn about a company’s history, top executives, financial status and contribution history, by searching from seven criteria: Background & History, Parent/Subsidiary List, Merger Activity, Financial Status, News, U.S. Public Records, and Political Contributions.
  • Advanced Search Forms and Automatic Saving
    Dig deeper with comprehensive, easy-to-use forms. Save searches and documents automatically for easy retrieval.
  • Delivery Options
    Deliver information any way you want it: print, e-mail, or download to a file.
  • Result Groups
    Group your results by your choice of company, industry, subject, geography, or language.
  • Automatic Highlighting
    See your search “hits” when browsing a document; your search terms are highlighted as links within the text, so you can jump from search term to search term using “hit-to-hit” navigation.
  • Result Groups
    Group your results by your choice of company, industry, subject, geography, or language.
  • LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology
    Refine your searches by clicking on indexed terms that are highlighted in full-text documents.
  • Source Selection
    Browse the list of sources that you subscribe to, quickly and easily.
  • Identify and locate key donor prospects
    Determine if they are viable candidates on which to focus your fundraising efforts.
  • Develop, maintain and validate your prospect databases more effectively
    Save searches automatically for a week for easy retrieval. Stay informed with alerts that update on a schedule you choose.
  • Compile and narrow a pool of potential donors
    Use wealth indicators as qualifying criteria. Refine your search using LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology terms in all news and company documents.
  • Stay updated on your current donors’ activities
    Search more relevant sources to find up-to-date information. Access detailed biographical profiles.
  • Find philanthropically oriented companies
    Use news and financial reports to compile and analyze information quickly and easily.

Customer Service/Technical/Research Assistance

  • General: Call 800.897.3419—available 24/7/365.
  • Academic: Call 800.227.9597, ext. 12554846 or email

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