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How do I save a document from my results to a folder?

  1. After running a search and reviewing your results:


    Do This

    Save one or more documents from the results list

    Select the check box next to each document you want to save, then click the Add to folder (    ) icon at the top of your results.

    Save a document from the full document view


    While viewing the document, click the Add to folder ) icon at the top of your results.


    1.  Do one of the following:

    2.  Select Save In to select whether you want to save the documents from your results list, or just the results list.

    3.  Select the folder you want to add the items to, or select Create new folder to create a new folder.

    4.  Select Share to select users to share the document with.

    5.  Select Notes to add any notes about the document.

    6.  If this is a shared folder, and you want the notes to be visible to the other users you have shared the folder contents with, leave Allow recipients to view your notes checked. If you want the notes to be visible only to you, clear the check box.

    7.  Click OK to save the items.

    The items will be saved for you to access from the My Folders link in My Workspace at the top of the page, or from the
    My Folders panel in the My Workspace area of the home page.

    You can also save documents to a folder by selecting the check boxes for the documents you want to save, then clicking the link in parentheses next to the delivery icons:

         (n selected)

    This opens the delivery tray, where you can remove any documents you no longer want, and then click the folder icon to save the documents in the tray.

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