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Shepard's Graphical

By: Rebecca Dunne, Esq.


    Spot vital citing references fast from an easy-to-read grid

  2. Here’s how

    1. As you view your Shepard’s® results screen, click Citing Decisions. The default List view offers a cite list and left navigation and filtering pane.
    2. Click Grid (shown here)—and see your case’s citing history summarized graphically.
    3. Select a box on the grid, e.g., the Seventh Circuit reference that questioned your case. You’ll move to the List view with your selection displayed.

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    About the Author

    Rebecca Dunne, Esq., clerked for the Hon. Maureen Sogluizzo, P.J.F.P. at the Superior Court of New Jersey and practiced Family Law at a boutique firm in Hoboken, New Jersey. As an attorney, she litigated various matrimonial issues in the New Jersey state court. Rebecca joined LexisNexis in 2011 and currently works as a solutions consultant. Rebecca grew up in the North Bay Area and currently lives in San Francisco, California. She enjoys seeing live music and exploring hiking trails across the Bay Area and beyond.

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