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The Wall Street Journal Online in Association with LexisNexis®
If it's important to your clients...It's critical for your firm

  The Wall Street Journal Online in association with LexisNexis
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You have so much at stake...a brand-new career. There’s no room for mistakes. So who do you trust for the information that your senior associates, partners, and clients will be talking about and scrutinizing?

Go straight to the most respected names in information—The Wall Street Journal Online and LexisNexis—in a new, unprecedented alliance. An indispensable firm-wide news and legal solution, this exclusive alliance gives you the power to be prepared and proactive every day in all of your client relationships.

More than 750,000 business professionals—the senior associates and partners at your firm, your clients, your competitors—make The Wall Street Journal Online daily reading. Here’s why:

  • It’s easy to navigate. Browse the graphically enhanced site every day to get the latest news.
  • You can personalize your home page at The Wall Street Journal Online so the companies, industries, stocks, even the vital topics you watch will pop to your attention.
  • And, since news happens 24/7, you can get e-mail updates delivered right to your desk, just as the news breaks.

First, Get the Power of Today’s News

With The Wall Street Journal Online, you and your colleagues get the most comprehensive WSJ edition available—more than 1,000 articles a day. The Wall Street Journal Online combines all global daily editions of The Wall Street Journal Online and adds the perspective of Dow Jones® newswires and nearly 20 expert columnists you won’t find published anywhere else. Plus, monitor your profession with a specialized legal-industry page and an e-newsletter prepared in cooperation with Dow Jones editors exclusively for firms that access The Wall Street Journal Online in association with LexisNexis.

Then, Add the Power of Yesterday’s Insights

Just click the lexis.com® link at the top of The Wall Street Journal Online screen. Move directly to the full power of the LexisNexis services. Tap into one of the world’s largest collections of case law, financial and business news, including deep archives of additional respected resources—not only The Wall Street Journal® back to 1979, but The New York Times®, The Washington Post®, The Daily Deal®, CNN®, and more than 20,000 other news sources that cover every corner of the globe.

NEW—Check historical quotes for U.S. and foreign stocks, bonds, currencies, and more. Even get stock pricing for de-listed companies or those that have gone private or bankrupt or have merged with other companies. Team this valuable information with SEC filings, legislative and regulatory updates and releases, case law, patents and public records such as bankruptcy and UCC filings. It’s all at www.lexis.com.

See how this winning combination adds up to winning results.

Prepare Iron-Clad Due Diligence Research

The Wall Street Journal Online keeps you in the know with breaking news—and news alerts that reach your desk the moment the news hits the headlines. Use the Email This link to send The Wall Street Journal Online articles of interest to colleagues.

The LexisNexis services have the expansive content and deep coverage you need to complete due diligence. For example, with the LexisNexis services, trend stocks over the years, with one search, then download data into a spreadsheet for deep analysis.

Or turn to LexisNexis® Analyzer, the report product that lets you research companies, experts, opposing counsel, even judges and arbitrators, compiling one briefing that includes vital federal and state cases, jury verdicts and settlements, Martindale-Hubbell® listings, law review articles, and much more.

Learn from the Top Experts

Let the experts mentor you and update you—every day. The Wall Street Journal Online and Dow Jones bring you undisputed business authority, including exclusive columnists. Monitor 25 global exchanges and 30,000 publicly traded companies. Count on regular, interactive features that track everything from the latest deals and dealmakers to oil and other commodity prices.

Then link to the LexisNexis services for additional perspective from the Capital Changes Reporter from CCH®, and analyses from Reuters®, Dun & Bradstreet®, Hoover’s®, Standard & Poor’s®, and Moody’s®.

Converse with Confidence...Even with Senior Staff

How do you grow quickly...and show your superiors you are on the right path to success? The Wall Street Journal Online in association with LexisNexis can give you the intelligence you need. The Wall Street Journal Online and Dow Jones inform your management daily. Why not you, too? Read the same articles; stay on the same page.

The Wall Street Journal Online can even bring you up to speed on what’s new in entertainment, sports, and more...all the great conversation starters. And your personalized home page at The Wall Street Journal Online will target the latest news for you. Even as you browse, The Wall Street Journal Online informs, highlighting popular articles that resonate with other readers...your peers, your management, and your clients.

Every day...bring the world to your desk. Then get behind today’s headlines with the LexisNexis services. Get up to speed with what happened before. Dig out the background; find the connections; compile the timeline...be ready to discuss any aspect.

Ready to see results for yourself? Ask your LexisNexis account representative about The Wall Street Journal Online in association with LexisNexis.

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