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Using LexisNexis
Research Tips

Faster, More Advanced Research with Analytical Content from LexisNexis

You already know LexisNexis as the premier provider of comprehensive case law, news and public records material, as well as the renowned Shepard’s® citations service. But did you know that LexisNexis also brings you a wide range of legal analysis featuring exclusive access to Matthew Bender® authoritative treatises—expert legal analysis—right at your fingertips on LexisNexis at lexis.com?

Online analytical research with Matthew Bender treatises:

  • Gives you a head start by helping you focus quickly on relevant issues;
  • Strengthens confidence that you’re getting the best analysis because you’re relying on known experts in the area of law;
  • Shortens the learning curve dramatically by giving you advice you need for handling legal issues you’re facing for the first time;
  • Provides context and background on a legal topic so you can operate at the same efficiency as more experienced attorneys;
  • Prepares you to quickly complete your research by linking directly to referenced case law and statutes;

Matthew Bender treatises provide you the highest quality legal analysis available, prepared by individual authors and editorial boards. LexisNexis is known for recruiting the top experts and practitioners in their fields as authors. Noted examples are Moore’s Federal Practice®, Collier on Bankruptcy®, Chisum on Patents, Weinstein’s Federal Evidence and many other familiar names. The stature of the attorneys on the Boards of these publications is unmatched by any other comparable line of analytical materials.

In fact, LexisNexis owns the exclusive rights to these seminal works that have been relied upon for years by attorneys who consult them, judges who cite them, and librarians who purchase and reference them.

You’ll find that this blend of in-depth analysis and broad coverage, plus the thousands of sample forms available online, will meet virtually all your needs for researching law or preparing documents.

Matthew Bender treatises on LexisNexis at www.lexis.com give you a choice of full-text searching or using a table of contents (TOC) to find documents. Expandable TOCs make it easy to navigate through legal treatises by easily linking from the TOC to a document or jumping back from the document to any level of the TOC. Some of the features you’ll find in using a TOC include:

Expandable/collapsible hierarchy

Searchable TOC
  • Expandable/collapsible hierarchy—Click the + to expand the TOC or click the to collapse it. By holding the cursor over the + sign, you can expand all or part of a specific volume.
  • Searchable TOC—Search in the TOC entries to identify relevant topics and then browse the pertinent TOC sections or conduct a full-text search.
  • TOC— Hierarchical breadcrumb trail—Retrieve a document through the TOC, then quickly re-enter the TOC at any point along the hierarchy.
  • Trail links—Jump to a particular TOC level with one of the links that shows your hierarchical path.
  • Floating cite assistant—Leave your cursor on a page for more than four seconds and the citation for the section you’re viewing will display.
  • Explore— quickly link to subsections of a document.
  • Bi-directional footnote links—A single-click gives you access to the text of an online footnote.
  • Book Browse—Display sections adjacent to the one you are viewing without performing a new search.
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