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Complete more tasks, tap more litigation resources with LexisNexis® Total Litigator

Interested in learning more about how LexisNexis can help you with Early Case Assessment? Then view a recording of the recent Case Assessment & Analysis Research Webinar and download an Early Case Assessment Resource Checklist

LexisNexis® Total Litigator is the only litigation resource organized just the way litigation professionals work today, i.e., by tasks that occur throughout the life of a case—from early case assessment to trial. Total Litigator, endorsed by NITA® as the “best option for litigators” and named “the preferred online litigation tool for litigators” by the Defense Research Institute, offers more—more tasks, more resources mapped to those tasks, more functionality, and even a brand-new look.

See for yourself; it’s easy to do. Now when you sign on to www.lexis.com, you can gain access to LexisNexis Total Litigator by just clicking the purple Total Litigator button at the top right of the main menu screen. No additional log-on is needed.

The first thing you’ll notice is several changes to the Total Litigator home page. New font sizes, images, and tab titles make the home page even easier to browse. You’ll also see three new tabs. (See more details about each new tab in the second section of this article.) And on the left side of the page, you’ll find quick access to Mealey’s™ podcasts, giving you daily updates on major litigation, including filings, trials, and settlements.

But some of the new enhancements have to be explored to be appreciated. One great example … LexisNexis® CaseMap® 7, the newest version of the award-winning, case-management software, is now integrated even more closely with Total Litigator. For instance, in order to log the full text of a case opinion (or its Shepard’s® report) into CaseMap, just click on the case citation and follow the drop-down menu. Similarly a CaseMap user can highlight a name (of a person, company, etc.) on the Objects page of CaseMap and then right-click to send that name to LexisNexis Total Litigator for information gathering.
The Total Litigator Preferences menu has new options to make litigators more efficient. You can manage IDs easily via that menu. You can also ensure that Total Litigator’s users are notified of menu items outside your LexisNexis subscription (e.g., via the $ symbol). Finally, you can even select a default Practice Area (from more than 30). Then when you choose a Total Litigator tab that includes practice area designations, your default practice area will display automatically.

Take a closer look! New LexisNexis Total Litigator resources and functionality help you complete more tasks

Whether you need to gather information, draft discovery requests, or even do basic legal research, LexisNexis Total Litigator makes the task easier. That’s because the databases, products and even services, such as service of process, available via LexisNexis® are matched to recognizable litigation tasks. And those tasks are grouped by easy-to-recognize tabs, such as Gather Intelligence, Discovery, and Research. No more complex source selection. Just choose the task right from the top of the Total Litigator screen.

The latest version of LexisNexis Total Litigator has expanded to offer three new task tabs:  Early Case Assessment, Trial Prep, and Search by Source.

LexisNexis Total Litigator screenshot

Early Case Assessment

This task tab will help you “jump-start” cases more quickly and with more confidence than ever before. Select from these tasks:

  • Case Evaluation—Review verdict reports and demographics to help assess the value of a case and the characteristics of potential jurisdictions.
  • Research Judges—Conduct a fast check or do a thorough review … it’s your choice. Select one, several or all of these resources:
    • Judicial Staff Directory
    • Mega News (which includes Factiva® resources)
    • LexisNexis Analyzer (for a Judge), which includes searches through case opinions, law review articles, directories (including Martindale-Hubbell® Law Directory), verdict reports and even news sources (including Mealey’s)
    • CourtLink® Strategic Profiles that focus on judicial activity
  • Initial Fact Investigation—Choose to research a litigant (individual or organization), attorney, or expert. Then select from various resources, including news, public records, and docket resources.
  • Elements of Claim: Jury Instructions—Search federal or state jury instructions.
  • Organize Case Facts—Get more details on the CaseMap case-analysis tool, which helps litigators organize and link information about the case’s key facts, documents, parties, and legal issues. Not using CaseMap yet? Link right from Total Litigator to download a free trial version.*
  • Create a Timeline Graphic—Link to more details on how you can use TimeMap® to create visual timelines depicting and analyzing evidence uncovered during litigation.
  • Outline Tools—Link to more details on how you can use NoteMap® to create and edit outlines.

*Some restrictions may apply. Software is a full version available for 30-day trial use from the date of download.

Trial Prep

This task tab ensures that litigation professionals don’t miss a thing when preparing for trial. Gain access to state and federal court rules as well as jury instructions. Profile witnesses (both lay and expert) as well as jurors. Choose among:

  • Court Rules—Review court rules for federal courts or those for various states.
  • Jury Instructions—Choose a jurisdiction or practice area.
  • Pretrial Conference Tools—Review the LexisNexis collection of procedures, practice guides, form books, and more.
  • Evidence: Documentary or Evidence: Demonstrative or Evidentiary: Strategy & Limine Motions—Select a topic and then search relevant treatises, guides, and forms.
  • Jury Pool Demographics—Gain access to demographic reports to get a better sense of a jury. Witness & Juror Investigation—Select from various comprehensive reports types of, such as SmartLinx® and CourtLink Strategic Profiles, and individual sources, including public records, news, case law, and more.
  • Direct & Cross-Examination—Find more than 60 practice guides, manuals, form books, and more to aid you.
  • Jury Selection Tools—Select a jurisdiction and all available materials are ready to be searched.
  • Opening & Closing Statements—Appropriate resources are automatically gathered for your review.
  • Witness Preparation—Link to details on gaining access to the DepPrep® tutorial that help clients prepare for depositions.
  • Transcript Management Tools—Link to details for acquiring the TextMap® product. TextMap offers electronic transcript files, complete with searching capability and vital synchronization features. Case Analysis Tools—Link to information about CaseMap  software.
  • Timeline Presentation—Link to information about TimeMap software.

Search by Source

This task tab will help you identify and search individual sources quickly—both from the same screen. Or browse suggested sources for getting certain types of information. Here’s how:

  • Find a Source—Enter a source name (or partial name, e.g., moore’s) and click FIND. Then just select your source from the results list, enter your search terms (using terms & connectors or via Easy Search™) and click SEARCH. Sources are pulled from www.lexis.com, so if you cannot find a source through the task tabs, you can still gain access to it without leaving LexisNexis Total Litigator.
  • Suggested Sources—Enter your search terms (e.g., a person or company name), select the “entity” you are researching (e.g., company), and click SEARCH. That’s it. You’ll get a complete list of resources you should consider searching. Then just click on the source name to initiate a search. It’s a fast, simple way to pull together vast quantities of information on various litigation players.

More Research Coverage

LexisNexis Total Litigator now offers 100% jurisdictional coverage as well as Practice Area Views. For example, select “Case Law, Briefs & Motions” under the Research task tab and find federal and state coverage, including resources for the District of Columbia, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Also find one-click access to Lexis® Search Advisor, available from the left side of the Research tasks tab.

Start Earning Gold Case Customer Rewards Today!

LexisNexis Total Litigator Gold Case Customer Rewards is designed to introduce you to the LexisNexis Litigation Services portfolio of products and services. Register on the Gold Case home page by going to www.totallitigator.com and clicking on the Gold Case link. Then explore the various Gold Case activities by clicking on the Gold Case links across the Total Litigator site. 

Participate in the following activities this month and earn up to 750 points!** 

  • Register on the Gold Case home page—earn 250 points  
  • Answer the Gold Case Featured Question of the Week on the Gold Case home page—earn 50 points each week  
  • Download a CaseMap 30-Day Trial on the Gold Case home page—earn 250 points 
  • Download the new Early Case Assessment Checklist on the Early Case Assessment tab—earn 100 points
  • Download the Finding & Researching Expert Witnesses White Paper on the Gather Intelligence tab—earn 100 points.

Best of all, the points you earn are the same Customer Reward Points you’ve been earning through Associate Update promotions, so now you have even more opportunities available to earn rewards while learning about the complete LexisNexis offering of Products and Services!

**Review the LexisNexis Total Litigator Gold Case Customer Rewards Official Rules.

For more information, please contact your LexisNexis account representative.

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