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Fifty-State Legislative and Regulatory Surveys Now Available from LexisNexis

How often do you have to compare the laws of multiple states regarding a specific topic—possibly even all 50 states? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could perform this task quickly without extensive research? Now you can with a powerful new array of tools from LexisNexis®!

LexisNexis 50 State Surveys of Statutes
LexisNexis 50 State Surveys of Statutes and Regulations let you view the general statutory and regulatory provisions covering a designated topic for all 50 states—with a single mouse click. Each survey contains links to the relevant codes and regulations so that you can easily view the full text. There’s no need to spend valuable time searching across multiple sources for similar codes and regulations. The LexisNexis 50 State Surveys of Statutes and Regulations have compiled the list of sections for you.

For example, let’s say your client is launching a new business venture in multiple states and has asked you to do some background on each state’s laws governing fictitious names. This is an intensely time-consuming task, no matter how you go about doing it. Using 50 State Surveys on LexisNexis, you simply click on the link for Fictitious Business Names.

That’s all there is to it! No source selection. No searching. Just click on the link for a specific topic to display a spreadsheet listing statutes and regulations from all 50 states that are pertinent to that topic. States are listed alphabetically with separate sections for statutes and regulations. If you want to view the full text of a specific section, simply click on the section cite.

The surveys are assembled by our experienced LexisNexis editors who carefully study the statutes of each state to identify those that are most relevant for each topic. Surveys on additional topics will be added shortly.

JurisCharts with Analysis
At some point, if you don’t already, you will have clients who conduct business in multiple states, each of which deals with legal issues in a myriad of ways. Your client will want to know the differences between state treatment when each state uses different terminology for the same topic. Where do you begin?

LexisNexis® JurisCharts with Analysis provide editorially handcrafted comparisons covering each state’s treatment of your client’s most perplexing tax and insurance questions. How much research do you have to do to filter, analyze and synthesize before even beginning to deal with a client question like: As our federal tax audit nears completion, I need time-frame requirements for reporting changes made in the audit to the states in which we do business?

Our topical experts from Matthew Bender® have synthesized hundreds of codes and regulations to find just the rules that apply for each JurisChart. They provide you with a complete solution for comparative jurisdictional analysis that enables you to provide a higher level of client service in less time. Our practice area experts, who research by topic, filter for the relevant regulations and statutes (accounting for state variation in terminology and nomenclature), analyze the state’s treatment, and synthesize them into a comparison.

JurisCharts provide you:

  • Introductory analysis that provides an overview of the topic and “Tips and Traps” to alert you to specific issues
  • The specific applicable section of the regulation and/or statute and a hyperlink that gives you quick access to the full text of the relevant statute or regulation
  • Clear notation when a state has not dealt with the specific issue at hand
  • A Table of Contents from which you pick the topic and the jurisdictions you would like to compare
  • Ability to read the text for a state to determine the value of the content for your needs before downloading the complete multi-jurisdictional comparison
  • Ability to produce a visually appealing comparison chart in PDF format to share with clients
  • Ability to download into a spreadsheet, allowing you to manipulate the data in order to add notes, sort by region, sort by nomenclature, etc.
  • Notations for each state providing specific and concise summaries of how a state treats a topic (coming soon in Insurance JurisCharts)


When your clients ask the hard multi-state questions, use JurisCharts to quickly and expertly dive into the most perplexing tax and insurance issues. LexisNexis will be adding more practice areas and topics in the coming months.

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