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Deal Lawyers can Select M&A Tasks and Move Directly to Content with New M & A Practice Center

The new LexisNexis M&A Practice Center offers single-point access to a complete portfolio of M&A information and services, including practice guidance, precedent, primary law, treatises and due diligence.

But the M&A Practice Center is so much more than resources. It identifies the key stages of complex corporate transactions—i.e., due diligence, drafting agreements—and provides a simple yet thorough method for managing each stage of the deal in one central location.

Select a stage from the M&A Practice Center menu, choose your task and go. Information can often be obtained without having to enter search terms, though the FOCUS™ feature is available to refine the results. (And as new M&A content and tools become available on lexis.com, it will be integrated into the M&A Practice Center, truly making it an online platform for M&A information.)

There is no additional charge to gain access to the LexisNexis M&A Practice Center. Just click the Research Tasks tab on the main lexis.com menu and then click M&A Practice Center. You can make this practice center your starting point after you log on to lexis.com. Just click the Set as my default Research Task Page link. (Or edit your current default.).

Once the center displays, you can click on a deal stage in the left column or in the center of the main page. (The category menu in the left column displays on all screens so you can move easily between steps. And a breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen provides easy navigation from search results to other deal steps.)

Deal stages in the LexisNexis M&A Practice Center include:

Latest M&A News
Stay up to date on the latest developments in your practice. Get information from the sources you trust on the deals and deal makers moving the markets. For example:

  • Stay up-to-date on current M&A news from sources like The Wall Street Journal®, The New York Times®, Financial Times and FactSet® Flashwire®. (Get more details on FactSet products available through lexis.com in next month’s LexisNexis Information Professional Update.)
  • View the most recent stories on M&A topics from the vast repository of LexisNexis M&A news sources.
  • Set up ongoing news alerts that you can review online or receive via e-mail.

Structure the Deal
Structure deals effectively by consulting examples of recent deals and overviews of major transactions. Plus gain access to timely and relevant on-point precedent, deal documents, guidance and much more including information from EDGAR Online and FactSet MergerStat™, MergerMetrics™, Shark Repellent™ and Deal Advisors™.

Perform Due Diligence
Perform in-depth due diligence on acquisition candidates, targets and your own clients. Gather information and intelligence about people and millions of private and public companies, including news, financial analysis, third-party overviews, public records, litigation and more. You can:

  • Get a profile, financials, or compile background information on millions of global private and public companies with reports from LexisNexis® Company Dossier, Dun & Bradstreet®, Experian®, Reuters®, EDGAR Online Real-Time SEC Filings, Historical Quotes and more.
  • Compile an in-depth report on a company or person using the warehouse of LexisNexis sources.
  • Review public records on a company, person or location via LexisNexis SmartLinx™.
  • Review cases, litigation dockets and liens/judgments in which your subject has been involved.
  • Get news and business information on a company or person. Get support and guidance for conducting due diligence.
  • Consult expert guidance for performing due diligence and evaluating and investigating companies. Use sample checklists to get started.

Create Documents
Draft documents for deals after referencing on-point precedent agreements and clauses, organizational documents, sample language and forms—all through point-and-click features and easy-to-use search templates. Analyze everything from joint venture and merger agreements to by-laws and articles of incorporation. And find related forms from Warren’s Forms & Agreements and Rabkin & Johnson Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis. Even get federal drafting and filing requirements and regulations.

Negotiate and Review
Review research and other materials dealing directly with negotiations, including law reviews like the Harvard Negotiation Law Review, legal news and journals. And find guidance and information for negotiating a deal.

Close, Execute and File
Understand execution and filing requirements, regulations and guidelines at the federal and state level. Get checklists and filing instructions, exchange and SRO manuals, and more. For example, you can:

  • View corporate filing requirements for all 50 states.
  • Get federal or self-regulatory filing requirements and regulations.
  • Find answers to questions that arise on a day-to-day basis through analytical sources, guides and check lists.

Locate on point statutes and regulations, review case decisions, access legislative information, read through relevant analytical materials and treatises, complete a compliance review, or review the state of a law in a particular jurisdiction.

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