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Using LexisNexis

Search by Topic or Headnote—the Power of One Search.

Search by Topic or Headnote allows you to customize your jurisdiction, topic, and content types to give you result sets you can rely on. By searching across expert analysis from Matthew Bender® content, as well as cases, codes, law reviews and more—with one search—you’ll be confident you aren’t missing critical information when developing your client strategy.

With the power of one search, Search by Topic or Headnote allows you to easily access on-point results for your topic and ensure that you are searching across only relevant sources.

  • Simplified interface allows you to choose single or multiple jurisdictions, multiple sources, and further search terms to narrow your topic.
  • Behind-the-scenes search—A background search which ensures that the sources that appear on the Select Sources screen are relevant to your topic—you can then have the flexibility of choosing specific sources from the list to receive your results.
  • Clearly defined results—sets appear by content types so you can choose which sources you want to explore further.


Improve your online searching

Do you ever worry that you haven’t constructed a search correctly or you’re not sure if you’ve picked the right sources. To get comprehensive results, you often need to search in multiple jurisdictions covering the applicable primary law, analysis, practice forms, administrative materials and other relevant sources. Our Search by Topic or Headnote feature provides the solution you’ve been seeking. You can now survey a selected topic and get the necessary breadth and depth of coverage—all in one easy search.

As the name implies, there are two parts to this new feature—Search by Topic and Search by Headnote.

Search by Topic
Search by Topic replaces the old Lexis® Search Advisor and can be accessed through a new sub-tab that appears under the Search tab.

  • Search across multiple jurisdictions & multiple content types—includes Matthew Bender® content, cases, codes, regulatory material, and law reviews, with additional content being added throughout the rest of the year.
  • Select a subtopic—only the sources in which your topic is discussed are made available for you to choose from, removing the uncertainty about which source to select.
  • Navigate quickly to the content of most interest—results are delivered in an easy-to-follow tabbed format, with an at-a-glance summary of hits by content type under the All Results tab and individual tabs for each content type.
  • Uncover analysis in places you may never have thought to look—by finding the key cases and fact situations that support your analysis, you’ll be more likely to quickly and accurately match your research results to your facts at hand.

Search by headnote
Search by Headnote provides an alternative way to generate a summary list of relevant cases on a specific topic. Key Features include:

  • Save time with Digest View—displays cite list view with overview and relevant headnotes.
  • Sort by Frequently Cited—gives you the most-often-cited cases.
  • Hone in on relevant cases with In-Depth Discussions—gives you a list of up to 15 best cases based on natural language algorithm.
  • Search cases with and without Headnotes—in one search.
Ask your account representative for more information on how you can make your research more effective with the power of one search.
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