Law Enforcement & Public Safety

When you’re trying to locate a suspect or searching for a missing child, every minute counts. Now you can instantly uncover leads that would take days to track down manually. LexisNexis® Advanced Government Solutions give you access to a full suite of advanced investigative tools to quickly locate people, detect fraud, uncover assets and discover connections between suspects, witnesses or associates. We also leverage LexID®, our linking technology, to integrate your data sets with authoritative public records, identifying additional leads and enhancing complex investigations. And we offer powerful information sharing tools to help facilitate cross-jurisdictional collaboration.

    Learn more about our solutions for Law Enforcement & Public Safety by selecting from the following options:

    Investigative Solutions
    Solve more cases and improve investigative processes with LexisNexis® Investigative solutions.

    Complete & Comprehensive Research
    Solutions help provide strategic insight, enabling law enforcement and public safety personnel to quickly find relevant cases and vital, in-depth information.

    Document Drafting
    Make the time-intensive process of drafting precise, error-free legal documents simpler and more efficient. Also, keep up-to-date on legal news and craft more powerful arguments.

    Web & Email Alerts
    Fuse the best information from your favorite sources in a streamlined, daily update via email, intranet or portal entry.