Municipal Attorneys

As a municipal attorney, you protect citizens and help your community thrive. With LexisNexis® Advanced Government Solutions, you will have instant access to the authoritative case law, public records and legal and business news you need to provide the most accurate counsel possible. Our treatises and forms help you anticipate the legal issues that affect your community and prepare thorough legal documents. Our collection of municipal codes and case law helps you successfully guide elected officials as they draft ordinances that stay clear of constitutional challenges. In addition, our powerful litigation tools help you manage your caseload and increase your effectiveness at trial when preparing for litigation or prosecuting violations of municipal code.

    Learn more about our solutions for Municipal Attorneys by selecting from the following options:

    Complete & Comprehensive Research
    Solutions help provide strategic insight, enabling municipal attorneys to quickly find relevant cases and vital, in-depth information.

    Document Drafting
    Make the time-intensive process of drafting precise, error-free legal documents simpler and more efficient. Also, keep up-to-date on legal news and craft more powerful arguments.

    Web & Email Alerts
    Fuse the best information from your favorite sources in a streamlined, daily update via email, intranet or portal entry.

    Intake & Management of Legal Case Data
    Centralize vital case information, improving productivity, minimizing risk and facilitating detailed analysis from intake through completion.

    Reduce paper, streamline processes and save attorneys a trip to the courthouse. Courts benefit from quicker and more efficient filing, while litigants gain more control over their case file management.

    Monitoring & Analysis
    Get information and analysis you need to quickly, accurately, and confidently track, review and handle cases.

    Customized Repositories
    Centralize vital information in a data collection designed to fit to your legal needs, with support from LexisNexis accredited experts.

    Litigation Services 
    Easily implement LexisNexis litigation tools and access customized training services to get your staff productive quickly.