Why LexisNexis®? Your Partner for Intelligence Community Work.

Discover why experienced intelligence analysts rely on LexisNexis for accurate and comprehensive data, in a system that is safe and easy to search.

LexisNexis is the most trusted source for open-source intelligence because it is:


  • Get the most open source intelligence available. LexisNexis is the world's largest repository of open source information.
  • Connect to over 30,000 sources in one site. Newspapers, wires, journals, newsletters, magazines, transcripts, company profiles and monitoring, country analysis, and patents.


  • Maintain your anonymity. When accessing LexisNexis through OpenSource, your identity is shielded to the outside world.
  • Visit only one website. LexisNexis is the only site you need to get the most information available. There is no need to join or ping hundreds of websites.


  • Reduce time spent online. By using one website for all your open source intelligence, you save time and energy.
  • Get automatic updates. LexisNexis Alerts can automatically run searches and provide you with regularly updated results, saving you the time and worry of having to manually find the latest information on topics of interest to you.

Open Source Intelligence Applications

Members of the intelligence community have long relied on LexisNexis for the best in open source research. The solutions are as unique as the issues, but some of the more common applications include:

Searching news sources from around the world for real-time and archived open source information. Intelligence analysts use LexisNexis for all their deep open source news research and alerts.

  • Over 20,000 news sources, many not found on any free web service. Get breaking news, for the latest information on any subject from any region of the world.
  • All the news you need, with deep analysis and viewpoints, including newspapers, magazines, industry newsletters, professional and scholarly journals, wire services, television transcripts, and blogs.
  • Global coverage from regions like Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America, and Europe.
  • News archives so you can add historical context, determine trends, and retrieve ‘snapshots’ of the current awareness from various points in time.
  • Convenient alerts automatically keep you updated on critical developments.

Researching in-depth company profiles for vital intelligence and information. LexisNexis provides the deep company information needed to analyze companies and to examine or vet their relationships, ownership and interests.

  • Thousands of sources, covering 90 million companies around the world, including Hoovers, DataMonitor, Xinhua Financial Network, and the Directory of Corporate Affiliations.
  • In-depth data on companies, including company profiles, subsidiaries or parent company data, incorporation filings, financial performance, foreign ownership, executive directors, non-profit and NGO listings, and asset and forecast information.
  • Proprietary research provides the basis for many LexisNexis sources, giving you a broader perspective than most self-reported company data can supply.

Finding valuable country analysis and information. Open source researchers use LexisNexis to access dozens of expert country-specific sources, to locate statistics and forecasts, or examine specific aspects of a country.

  • In-depth analysis from EIU (The Economist Intelligence Unit).
  • Comprehensive media coverage from BBC Monitoring.
  • Regular, timely analysis from the Political Risk Service or Global Insight.
  • National industry and economic monitoring from Onvia, Business Monitor, and National Trade Data Bank.

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