Accurint® for Law Enforcement

During the initial stages of an investigation, information is scarce. Accurint® for Law Enforcement is a cutting-edge investigative technology that can expedite the identification of people and their assets, addresses, relatives and business associates by providing instant access to a comprehensive database of public records that would ordinarily take days to collect. Developed by experienced law enforcement professionals, it enables law enforcement agencies to locate suspects, find missing children and quickly solve cases.

Locate suspects, witnesses and fugitives

    Accurint offers fast, efficient search technology that allows you to instantly locate both people and businesses, verify identities and rapidly identify potential investigative leads by quickly confirming information such as name, address and Social Security Number or Federal Identification number.

      Quickly uncover assets

        Accurint confirms the existence of a variety of different assets, such as property, motor vehicles, and FAA aircraft. Accurint databases also reveal evidence of financial distress or prior criminal activities.

          Discover links between people, businesses, assets and locations

            The fast, flexible Accurint reporting feature explores the connections between people, businesses, assets and locations—connections that would ordinarily take hours or days to link. Billions of records and thousands of independent data sources are searched in order to provide the broadest and most accurate information.

              Shorten investigation time

                Accurint gives you instant access to a comprehensive database of public records that would ordinarily take days to collect. This can help shorten investigation time, free up valuable staff and minimize costs associated with lengthy investigations.

                  Process names by batch

                    With Accurint, you can improve productivity and increase efficiency by processing thousands of records at a time to locate suspects, witnesses and fugitives. Dedicated consultants will work with you to customize a solution that meets your unique agency needs.

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