Batch Services

LexisNexis® Batch Services enable government agencies to leverage authoritative public records information and advanced search technology to obtain optimum intelligence on large sets of data. Improve productivity and increase efficiency by processing thousands of records at a time to locate people, businesses, assets and more.

Quickly locate and identify large volumes of individuals

    With LexisNexis® Person Locator Batch Services, government agencies can locate and identify a large number of individuals easily and efficiently. Simply submit your data sets in one or more .csv files with as much input information—name, address, social security number, and so on—as you are able to provide. Our expert batch consultants will then run your files against more than 5 billion authoritative, multi-sourced public records data to verify best addresses and phone numbers, locate fugitives, suspects and witnesses,
    non-custodial parents and more, or simply update and maintain the quality of your own internal databases.

      Increase operational efficiency and shorten collection time

        The LexisNexis Revenue Recovery Batch Services, including RecoverScore, Account Monitoring, and Debtor360, leverage advanced data-linking technology to automatically flag, scrub, manage and monitor changes to debtor information. Customized to your needs, the LexisNexis Revenue Recovery Solution reduces manual searches, decreases unproductive calling and better allocates your locating resources. You’ll save time and make informed decisions with the solution that helps you:

        Update addresses before sending notices to lower returned mail and postage costs
        Update telephone numbers before loading into the dialer
        Obtain address and phone history for skip tracing
        Eliminate unproductive call attempts by identifying bankruptcy and deceased accounts before the call is made

          Locate the rightful owners of unclaimed property

            LexisNexis® Unclaimed Property Batch Services is specially designed to help government agencies identify the rightful owners of unclaimed property. It leverages LexID(SM), our advanced data linking technology, and billions of authoritative public records to locate and identify a large number of individuals and link them to their best known phone and address so that you can quickly match unclaimed property with its rightful owner. It also helps you verify and validate the identity of an individual seeking payment. Whether you’re proactively identifying and locating rightful owners or verifying the validity of an incoming claim, this user-friendly solution is designed to help you to make policy decisions more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

              Customize output format

                All matches are presented in a customized output format of your own choosing. Quickly and efficiently determine large volumes of names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and more.

                  Get a solution that’s designed for you

                    Dedicated LexisNexis batch consultants are also available to customize a solution that meets your unique agency needs.

                    Get it now: for more information about LexisNexis® Batch Services, please call
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