Maximize the power and the efficiency of your research with Nexis®, a unique information solution that offers government agencies access to a comprehensive, accurate and reliable collection of news and business data. Gain new insight and make informed decisions by using our flexible search technology and enhanced navigation tools to locate elusive parties, quickly discover links between people, assets, businesses and locations and pinpoint subjects and topics of interest.

Authoritative, comprehensive and often exclusive news and business content

    Nexis® searches more than 5 billion documents and records from over 34,000 sources—all categorized in a comprehensive collection of domestic and international news and business information sources delivered in multiple languages. It indexes information from local, national and international newspapers, television and radio broadcasts, wire services, and magazines. It also includes comprehensive information about company profiles and financial filings, as well as public records data on real estate, court filings, UCC filings, and more.

      An extensive photographic and image collection

        Nexis indexes images from reputable sources, including McClatchy, the World Picture Network (WPN), and Newscom. Photographs and images appear alongside articles and other text-based sources so you can understand them in context.

          Targeted, customizable search tools

            My Nexis™ offers a completely customizable collection of search tools that lets you assemble the information most important to you. Highlighted live links in each document make browsing easy. In the “Full Text” document view, you can also quickly jump from search term to search term using “hit to hit” navigation. And thanks to LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™, you can refine your News and Company searches quickly and easily by clicking on a list of indexed terms.

              Regular information alerts

                With the flexible Nexis Alert feature, you can be the first to know about the latest information that affects your research and your agency. Follow research issues on a monthly, weekly, business weekly or daily basis and get fresh information on the topics, people or companies that you specify.

                  Flexible pricing and delivery options

                    LexisNexis® enables you to mix and match our vast array of content and resources to meet your research needs and fit into your budget. You can also choose to have your research delivered wherever it is most convenient for you. With Nexis, you can print, email, fax or download your results—or import them into other LexisNexis® solutions.

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