ProMonitor: Investigation Tools for Law Enforcement

LexisNexis ProMonitorTM helps law enforcement agencies locate their most critical persons of interest. The solution searches your persons of interest list daily against files to help you and your agency find individuals that are purposely trying to stay off the radar (i.e. fugitives). When a record matches the profile changes custom to your solution, an automated alert is sent directly to your agency.

The solution can deliver email, fax, XML or server-to-server alerts to law enforcement agencies when significant changes occur in identity information. This tool continually analyzes data usage patterns, comparing key information such as address, telephone and asset information against several public, private and proprietary LexisNexis® databases.

Locate your most critical persons of interest

    LexisNexis® ProMonitorTM offers proactive and reactive search technology that allows you to instantly locate your most critical persons of interest. The ProMonitor tool alerts your agency of new addresses, aliases, and identifiers using matching rules tailored to your needs. ProMonitor has an immediate and substantial positive impact to help your law enforcement agency:

    • Reduce warrant case load
    • Revive cold cases
    • Find new intra/interstate movement and domestic presence of criminals
    • Strengthen Homeland Security
    • Receive automatic notifications for compliance violations for sex offenders and parolees
    • Improve Officer Safety
    • Protect persons in threat positions

      Automate the process

        With ProMonitor, you can improve productivity and increase efficiency by automatically processing thousands of your agency’s wanted persons daily to help find individuals that are purposely trying to stay off the radar. This enables you to get the freshest data fast. ProMonitor helps budget-sensitive customers automate queries against a comprehensive set of public and proprietary records otherwise not found in the data marketplace. It is not uncommon for customers to see ROI better than 210:1 versus manually running these sources.

          Identify potential security threats and shorten investigation time

            ProMonitor will alert you and your agency of the need to investigative potential security threats. This can also help shorten investigation time, free up valuable staff and minimize costs associated with lengthy investigations. By eliminating manual daily searches, many customers have realized tremendous savings on their investigation time and budget.

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