LexisNexis® ReSOLT LE arms law enforcement agencies with reliable, actionable information. It provides a new level of vision for monitoring, controlling, and managing the offender populations within your jurisdiction while maximizing agency resources.
LexisNexis® Registered Sex Offender Locator Tool for Law Enforcement (ReSOLT LE) is a Web-based solution that consolidates and geo-codes regularly updated, state and local sex offender registry information from across the United States. By aggregating data from registries nationwide, LexisNexis ReSOLT LE enables law enforcement to quickly access detailed maps and reports that depict the registered locations of sex offenders and address activity that is inconsistent with their registered address. The data combines and drives multiple crime-prevention and investigation functions into a single, easy-to-use tool.

Detailed Reports and Maps

    ReSOLT enables you to generate detailed reports and maps that depict the registered locations of sex offenders. It also can display commercially available aerial imagery and thousands of layers of geo-coded infrastructure data to map important information, such as where an abducted child might be taken from or to so you can solve crimes faster.

      Comprehensive Domain Management

        With LexisNexis ReSOLT, agencies can better manage offender populations within their jurisdiction while maximizing efficiencies and productivity.

        • Map registered offender locations quickly, and determine compliance with residency ordinances and statutes
        • Upload your data and local offender lists to create more comprehensive maps and reports
        • Utilize satellite imagery to gain insight to location of interest
        • Increase management oversight and registration compliance
        • Easily track agency compliance with regional sex offender management mandates

          Automated, Digital Abduction Response

            In a matter of minutes, you can map pertinent information within an abduction site radius and beyond. This includes known and potential addresses of sex offenders and places where children may be abducted from and taken to. Our multi-layered data web helps you to quickly generate leads and effectively allocate resources in the critical three to six hours immediately following a non-parental abduction.

            • Locate the incident of abduction in order to identify witnesses
            • Isolate sex offenders historically targeting children from those targeting other adults to hone in on first priority suspects for the case
            • Map area sex offenders, associates and drilldown address histories to identify potential suspects
            • View infrastructure within and around the abduction radius, including wooded areas, local/state parks, waterways, bus routes, schools, trailer parks and roads
            • Generate photo arrays of nearby offenders
            • Analyze multiple abduction scenarios for effective resource allocation

              User-Friendly Interface – Built by Law Enforcement for Law Enforcement

                LexisNexis ReSOLT LE was developed in close coordination with federal, state and local law enforcement representatives to optimize usability in day-to-day operations. A web-based solution, ReSOLT enables more effective sex offender domain management and helps law enforcement protect our communities. Designed for individuals without experience in GIS (Geographic Information Systems), it can be used with minimal training and can be accessed easily and quickly from your computers.

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